The silver state is definitely America’s casino and gambling mecca. But is it also a paradise for stoners and CBD oil users?

In this article, we highlight the laws on marijuana in Nevada plus those on CBD. We also discuss the cultural attitudes towards CBD in Nevada. Lastly, mention some of the coolest places to buy CBD oil in Nevada.

But before we get to the specifics. Here is a short summary. First, marijuana is legal for recreational and medical use. You expected that, didn’t you? Second, CBD oil is very legally in the state. Third, most Las Vegans have no problem with others using weed or enjoying the medical benefits of CBD oil.

Here are a few definitions to guide you through the article.

CBD oil: Cannabis/ hemp plant extract with Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is an active ingredient with a host of therapeutic benefits.

Hemp oil: CBD oil from the industrial hemp plant (legal in almost all states)

THC: An active ingredient in cannabis plant extract. Comes with numerous therapeutic benefits. But more infamous for being behind the marijuana high



You can light up in your Nevada home without having to worry about the boys in blue. Marijuana is 100% legal for recreational use in the silver state.

It became legal through a statewide vote that was held in 2016. The vote which was prompted by a voter in the state was officially known as the “Initiative to regulate and tax marijuana”.

It passed by 54%.

The law basically allows adults above the age of 21 to purchase recreational marijuana form licensed pot dispensaries. So long as you have a photo ID, you can walk in, buy what you want and leave.

But there is a caveat. The law prohibits Nevadans from growing their own weed. It is only allowed if one lives 25 miles from a licensed dispensary.

This is one of the freest laws in the country. Its provisions allow residents and visitors to enjoy the marijuana high whenever they feel like it. (But not in public)


Nevada was one of the earliest states to legalize medical marijuana. It did so in November 2000 through a ballot initiative.

The initiative passed by 65.38 percent.

The law basically allows those suffering from debilitating illnesses to access and consume marijuana.

It also allows Nevadans to grow their own weed for medical use. One can own up to 12 mature plants. This is a very progressive provision considering most other states allow only three mature plants.

One, however, needs to be registered by the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. Upon registration, he or she gets a medical marijuana card. The qualifying conditions for a card include AIDS, chronic pain, nausea, muscle spasms, PTSD, seizures, cancer and glaucoma.


CBD oil is as legal as it gets. The Agricultural Act of 2014 allows the cultivation and trade of industrial hemp products in the country. One of the products of the industrial hemp plant is hemp oil.

Hemp oil is available for purchase online and over-the-counter in Nevada. What’s even more interesting are the facts that it doesn’t need a prescription or a medical marijuana card.

So if you have a medical condition for which you cannot get a medical marijuana card, you can easily switch to CBD oil. This perfect especially for those who do not want to go all-out and buy recreational marijuana.

There are dozens of health stores in Las Vegas and other places along the strip that sell CBD oils. These stores carry different brands and strengths of CBD oil products. (See the last section for a few suggestions)


As mentioned earlier, the majority of Nevadans have no problem consuming or with others consuming cannabis or cannabis oil.

The 2016 vote is proof of this. In the vote, 54% voted to legalize marijuana. Though the majority is slim it is still a majority. An even greater percentage of Nevadans (65%) supported the establishment of the state’s medical marijuana program.

These votes and percentages are evidence that Las Vegans and Nevadans, in general, do not stigmatize those who use marijuana.

Furthermore, a good number of businesses in the state no longer screen applicants for marijuana use. This is a positive step that should be emulated by the other businesses in the state and across the country.

What is even more thrilling is that people are willing to associate with the cannabis industry. New data suggests that over 7,000 Nevadans are employed in the state’s cannabis industry. Thousands more are employed in health stores purveying CBD oil.

In summary, Nevadans have fully embraced cannabis and its oil.


There are many places to buy cannabis and cannabis oil in Nevada. Most places are located in Las Vegas.


The best place is obviously the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace near downtown Las Vegas. This is one of the most popular cannabis dispensaries in the whole of Nevada. The 15,500 square-foot facility receives over a thousand buyers every day. Several cannabis brands are available at the facility. CBD oil and other CBD products such as gummies, lotions and tinctures are also available in plenty at NuWu Marketplace.

Las Vegas ReLeaf Dispensary located at 2244 Paradise Road in Sahara Paradise Plaza, Las Vegas also deserves a shout out. It is one of the premier cannabis stores in the city. It offers a great selection of cannabis products including oils and gummies. It is well setup and feels very professional. It is the kind of place you go to for proper marijuana medicine.

And this list could not be complete without mentioning Oasis Cannabis. Located at 1800 Industrial Road Street, Oasis is a customer-centered cannabis store. They not only stock a great variety of cannabis products but also open 24 hours. Thus, whenever you feel the need, you can visit them for relief.