CBD Oil in Alabama

Cannabidiol forms the second biggest cannabinoid in cannabis and it is also an essential component of hemp as we know it today. CBD exists naturally at a concentration ranging between 0.5 and 2 percent, particularly in the flowers of the hemp plant. Many countries around the world are encouraging cultivation of fiber cannabis with a high content of CBD and low THC, the compound that cause you to feel high. Since Alabama has a rich agricultural background hence its name “the Cotton State”, CBD oil enthusiasts will now be able to find CBD based products at a number of shops around Alabama.

People in the health sector are showing increasing interest in CBD as a remedy for many health issues. Since CBD oil is not psychotropic, researchers have become much more eager to find out how this compound can be put to good use. Thanks to the hemp legislation, Alabamans can now enjoy fully the health benefits that CBD has to offer. Because CBD has very low THC, you can now find it anywhere in Alabama, and also purchase it over the counter unlike scheduled drugs.


CBD’s Legal status in The State of Alabama

Two years ago, Alabama’s legislature passed the Bill SB174, which was to be repealed next year. This bill was improved by Leni’s Law, HB61. This is a good thing because, if you are suffering from a serious condition, you can take CBD oil in any form. However, there is a catch here. You can only take CBD that has not plant material in it and the level of THC should be below 3 percent. Also, there is no repeal date anymore, so that means you will continue to enjoy CBD for a long time.

The state of Alabama has a somewhat rudimentary attitude towards cannabis, especially because the science behind CBD is very promising and the fact that this cannabinoid can help to relieve many heath conditions with the same efficacy seen in renowned pharmaceuticals. CBD that is derived from hemp is fully legal in Alabama because its THC level is well below 3 percent. So you are assured that CBD products will not cause you to feel high or develop a dependence. Although Alabama has very strict laws, you are free to order your CBD online from approved manufactures.


Places you can buy CBD in Alabama

CBD has a lot of health benefits, so it is likely that you are also thinking about finding a place in Alabama that stocks it. The popularity of CBD is growing at a very fast rate, and it is now available in all the states in America and about 40 states worldwide. You should be able to find CBD easily in large cities such Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa and Huntsville. CBD is also available in plenty in smaller areas such as Dothan, Hoover, Madison and Auburn.


Where to buy CBD Oil in Birmingham

Birmingham boasts of a few popular places where you can easily find your favorite CBD oil product. There is the vape Loft which offers you many CBD oil products at a reasonable price. If you are around Birmingham and would like to check them out, go to 720, 29th street South, in Birmingham, at AL 35233. Walk a few blocks to the north and you will find Boxcar Vape. If you are a vape enthusiast, then this is the shop to visit. Box car offers you more than 50 different kinds of CBD oil products. You have quite a range of products to sample if you are new to CBD and the staff at Boxcar is always ready to help you find what you feel works for you. You will find boxcar on 5510, Crestwood Boulevard in Birmingham.

Exxon Hookah Smoke and Vape shop offers you a great selection of CBD oil products and a good customer experience. Exxon offers some of the best price for their CBD oil products and their juices are out of this world. Their selection of CBD mods is authentic and their environment is friendly and welcoming. This year they offer you a new product called m80 and barrel aged CBD products to enhance your CBD oil experience. If you feel like they are worth checking out, they are located on 4101, 1st Avenue North, in Birmingham, at AL 35222.


Where to buy CBD Oil in Montgomery

If you happen to be in Montgomery, there are great places to buy CBD Oil products. One such shop is Tiger Vapor. Other than their professionalism, Tiger vapor offers CBD oils products that will get you going back as soon as you need more. Tiger Vapor stocks a variety of good quality vape products. Also, they have top of the range RBAs, e-liquids and RDAs. You can find Tiger Vapor on 7924 Atlanta Highway Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36117. They are open all week long and their staff is always ready to help.

Vape escape is perhaps one of the best CBD oil shops in Alabama. If you are new to vaping, this is the shop to visit for insights on everything vape. They will answer all your many question without any impatience because their goal is to help you find your comfort zone. They offer a range of vape products including vape juices at really friendly prices. Also, if you have a specific flavor in mind, and it is not in their stock, they will happily mix it for you! You can find this shop on 2082 Highway 14 E, Prattville, AL 36067.


Final word

There is no doubt that CBD is taking the health sector by storm. Thanks to its many health benefits, its demand has continued to rise rapidly. Now you can find it in Alabama and the rest of America because it is fully legal. Now that there is no repeal to the law that allows you to use CBD oil products, you can continue enjoy what CBD has to offer without worry about breaking the law in Alabama!