CBD Oil and Alaska – Laws, Buying Tips, and More

Alaska is one of the nation’s most weed-friendly states!

Access to marijuana is legally treated the same way as access to alcohol is treated in most states. Users have to be over twenty-one years of age and must have a valid ID to buy it.

The state is also similarly progressive in its policies regarding CBD oils. They are legal and allowed for use without a medical prescription.

And although the CBD oil industry and the cannabis industry as a whole are not yet as developed as other CBD industries in the continental United States, there are enough shops, stores and suppliers to meet the current demand.

In this article, we will first differentiate between CBD and THC molecules because the difference is important in determining legality. We then discuss the laws on CBD in Alaska, the cultural perceptions towards CBD in the state and the best locations to buy legal CBD in Alaska.


CBD aka Cannabidiol is an active molecule that brings about pain relief through its interactions with the body’s central nervous system.

Apart from pain relief, CBD’s interaction with the body’s nervous system can bring about a sense of calm, can reduce anxiety, can reduce inflammation and can help reduce epileptic seizures.

CBD is non-psychoactive and is derived from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant or the cannabis plant both of with are from the same genus (think of it as a family).

THC, on the other hand, is an abbreviation of tetrahydrocannabinol. It also brings about impressive therapeutic benefits including reducing anxiety, treating cancer, and pain management.

However, THC also comes with psychoactive effects. It produces an altered state of mind resulting in euphoria and even hallucinations. It is primarily found in the cannabis plant.

Now the laws. . .


Laws Regulating the Use of CBD oils in Alaska

Alaska’s Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office is in charge of regulating the wider marijuana industry. In 2017, it ruled that all CBD products were marijuana.

This is not bad news in itself as Marijuana is legal in the state. (We will talk about this in a bit)

What the 2017 decision by the office means is that businesses that want to import or sell CBD oils in Alaska have to follow the same laws and requirements as those businesses that sell marijuana.

“Where does the difference between CBD and THC come in?”

It comes in at the federal level. The federal government’s 2014 farm bill allows for the trade of hemp-derived CBD as long as it meets certain requirements.

One of the requirements is that it must have not more than 0.3% THC by weight. Anything with more than 0.3% qualifies as marijuana which is illegal at the federal level.

The summary is that CBD is legal both federally and locally in Alaska. However, the CBD oil must meet a range of both federal and local requirements for it to be considered 100% legal.

And there is more good news, a bill was recently unanimously passed to remove hemp-derived CBD from state control. This could basically remove the numerous restrictions that now have to be followed to import, grow or sell CBD products.

Laws Regulating the Use of marijuana in Alaska

In November 2014, the people of Alaska legalized the recreational use of Cannabis through the ballot. The asked for it to be regulated like alcohol.

And the state complied. You have to be an adult of at least 21 years of age. You can possess up to one ounce of marijuana but you are not permitted to smoke it in public.

At home, you can pant no more than 3 mature plants.

The state also has a medical marijuana program. It permits registered patients to use marijuana to treat or manage a host of conditions including multiple sclerosis, HIV, cancer and chronic pain.

There are multiple licensed dispensaries in big towns such as Anchorage, Juneau, and Homer.


In Alaska, weed is popular! This is the reason why people voted to legalize its recreational use. They also wanted basic restrictions just like those on alcohol.

Just to show how popular weed is, the Governor recently reiterated his commitment to uphold the legalization of marijuana by stating he will maintain the sovereign rights of the state. He said this only a few months to the midterm elections perhaps recognizing that the majority of Alaskans are for less strict controls on marijuana and CBD.

From the governor’s statement and from the 2014 ballot outcome that was in favor of legalizing marijuana, it is safe to conclude that the majority of Alaskans have no problem with consuming marijuana or its products.


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CBD from hemp is perfectly legal. Marijuana is also legal. However, there are requirements that have to be met for the final product to be 100% legal. Unfortunately, there are not that many CBD oil stores in Alaska. Nevertheless, you will find a few decent ones in Anchorage. Check out the ones we’ve highlighted. You will not be disappointed.