CBD Oil In Arkansas – Laws, Where To Buy, and More

CBD, which is a short form for Cannabinol is rapidly becoming a go-to remedy for a host of illnesses and conditions.

Experts say it can snuff out seizures, reduce inflammation, manage chronic pain, enhance sleep, make you less anxious, and can stop cancer cells from growing any further.

The best thing yet is that it considerably improves overall wellbeing bringing about a sense of calm, relief and rejuvenation.

The best way to think about hemp-derived CBD is as a little miracle-worker!

However, for all its therapeutic uses, CBD remains a bit controversial. This is because it is derived from hemp, which smells like and looks like the marijuana plant. The problem with this is that the marijuana plant is illegal.

Thus, there are heated debates as to the legality of CBD oils both in Arkansas and federally. Nevertheless, ,we will settle this question once and for all in this article.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty. A bit about the state.

Arkansas is one of the most agriculturally active states in the country. Its soils are fertile and it has many farmers who were ready and waiting to venture into the lucrative CBD oil business.

Several Arkansans have already started businesses to sell CBD oils as the growers seek to catch up. Meaning, just like in the rest of the country, the CBD oil market in Arkansas is ready for take-off!



So before we get into the laws regulating CBDs in Arkansas, let us look at those regulating marijuana for perspective.

Marijuana is illegal in Arkansas. The state is one of the most weed-unfriendly states in the country with stiff penalties for those found in possession of weed.

To show you just how severe the laws are, if found guilty as a first-time offender, you could face up to one year in jail. This is true even if you were in possession of fewer than 4 ounces of weed.

However, even though recreational weed remains illegal, medical marijuana will soon be legal to Arkansans within the next one year. The new law will allow patients to purchase weed for a variety of conditions including PTSD (Post-traumatic disorder).

Patients will be able to take up to 2.5 ounces every 14 days.

This is good news for those suffering from chronic pain and other diseases that can be managed using marijuana.


Compared to marijuana, CBD is LEGAL in the state of Arkansas!

As there is no existing state law touching on CBDs, the legality of CBDs is determined by federal law.

The 2014 Federal Farm Bill legalizes the planting, harvesting and use of hemp plant for a variety of purposes. However, there are requirements which must be met.

The States are mandated with forming their own requirements which must also comply with the farm bill.

According to experienced Arkansas farmers who are rearing to cultivate the hemp plant from which CBD is derived, the main requirement for harvesting is that the THC level must be below 0.3%.

The Arkansas Plant Board will be responsible for testing the levels and ensuring compliance with the farm bill.

With all the THC taken out, the remaining product is perfectly legal. Again, it must have been grown according to the requirements set out by the farm bill.

However, even though cultivation of the hemp plant is dragging a bit, importation of legal hemp plant and extracts is already happening and there are dozens of tax-paying businesses that already sell the product.

Would the state government be collecting taxes from illegal businesses that have to declare their business?

Let’s reframe this question, would the state government knowingly collect taxes from a mafia group or a cocaine business?

The answer is NO!

So it is legal for Arkansans to use CBD oils.


There are no public polls or surveys that can really tell us the perception of Arkansans towards CBD oils. This leaves us with one option; news media.

There have been dozens of local mainstream media and social media reports showing the increasing popularity of CBD oils in cities across Arkansas including Little Rock.

Natural health stores, smoke shops, wellness stores, and even alternative medicine centers are stocking dozens of CBD oils to help their customers to access and enjoy the many therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Farmers are also getting excited at the possibility of growing the hemp plant legally in the state. Associations are already being formed to get the governor to sign on a bill (which was passed) and aims to regulate the hemp cultivating business.

In short, Arkansans from different walks of life are already using CBD oils in numbers. Several CBD oil businesses already exist in the city. Several more are coming up to try and fill the market gap. The attitude is overwhelmingly positive and is still getting even more positive as more people recognize or experience the positive effects of CBD.


The Complete Body Daily co-founded by mother and son in Little Rock Arkansas is one of the premier hemp-based businesses in the state. The two together with a business partner offer a range of CBD products. They are knowledgeable about CBD and think (rightly so) that it offers a host of medical benefits without the side effects seen in similar medicines.

The Tobacco Station USA along 2665 Donaghey Avenue in Conway is also a great place to visit for CBD oil needs. Though it is not primarily a hemp business, the Station carries superior quality CBD oils that will definitely get you relaxed and painless.


CBD is legal in Arkansas. Hundreds of Arkansans already use CBD products daily. Even though the CBD oil scene is not as well-developed in Arkansas as it is in other states, more and more businesses and farmers are interested in changing this reality. Try CBD oil today to experience its benefits.