Where To Buy CBD Oil In Colorado + Laws

Colorado is, hands down, the most progressive state in terms of weed legislation. No other state allows more complete access to marijuana and its products.

What’s even more exciting about it, is that the state allows for the recreational use of marijuana and its products. Which means Coloradoans can stone themselves as much as they want without getting into trouble with the law.

The state is the envy of many weed smokers across the country!

CBD oil which can be extracted from the marijuana plant or the industrial hemp plant is also legal in the state of Colorado.

In this article, we discuss marijuana laws in Colorado, CBD laws in Colorado, attitudes towards CBD in Colorado, and then mention the best places to buy CBD oils in the state.



Medical marijuana

As early as 1975, Colorado had already decriminalized marijuana. This step in legislation is attributed to the campaign by Jay Moore, whose main argument was that plenty of the state’s money was unnecessarily used to enforce marijuana laws.

Late in the year 2000, Coloradoans voted to amend the state’s constitution and allow the utilization of marijuana for medical reasons. Though just over 54% of the voters approved the amendment, this is thought to be the first time perceptions towards marijuana started changing for good.

The state allows patients to own not more than two ounces and to have three mature cannabis plants. The conditions for which one can be allowed to register as a medical marijuana patient include nausea multiple sclerosis, PTSD, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, severe pain, cancer, cachexia, and nervous system disorders.

Compared to other medical marijuana laws, the Colorado medical cannabis law is not strict. For instance, not many states allow or would readily allow the use of marijuana to treat nausea.

Recreational marijuana

In 2012, Colorado passed a law that would forever deserve its place in the cannabis hall of fame. (Don’t Google it, it doesn’t exist)

That year, the state passed a law that allowed for the recreational use of marijuana. The law allows individuals of 21 years of age or older to own up to 3 mature marijuana plants. To possess up to one ounce of weed.

The use of weed is regulated in the same way the use of alcohol is regulated.

One thing though, you cannot smoke marijuana in public. You need to do it in private, in clubs where it is allowed or in pot dispensaries with smoking booths.

The legalization of weed has had many benefits in Colorado. Apart from helping patients manage their conditions, it has also had a huge economic impact. Weed has not only created jobs but also contributed hundreds of millions of dollars in fees to the state government.

For example, last year (2017), marijuana licensing costs, taxes and fees amounted to $247 million.

So why bother with medical marijuana if you can buy it recreationally? Prices. Recreational marijuana is much more expensive due to higher taxes when compared to medical marijuana. So if you are sick and you want to save on costs, you are better off registering as a medical marijuana user with the state.


Marijuana-derived CBD oil and hemp-derived CBD oil are both legal in the state of Colorado.

Marijuana-derived CBD oil is available in many pot dispensaries. It contains both CBD and THC. (THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana)

Hemp-derived CBD oil is legal in Colorado and in most states across the country. According to the Agricultural Act of 2014, hemp-derived CBD is legally defined as having less than 0.3% THC.

Unlike cannabis CBD, hemp-derived CBD can be found in more places and establishments as it is not subject to state restrictions (as of now). Hemp-derived CBD is also cheaper as it is essentially not defined as weed and therefore not as heavily taxed.


In the whole country, no state has embraced the benefits of marijuana and CBD oils as much as Colorado.

The fact that voters amended the constitution as far back as 2012 to allow for the recreational of marijuana, shows that Coloradoans had long embraced marijuana before everybody else.

Compared to before 2012, nowadays Coloradoans smoke more freely than before. Some smoke in bars, others on their verandahs and things like that. Nobody is afraid of the cops or their neighbors looking at them differently.

People are also not afraid of admitting that they take weed. It has become cool to do it regardless of the profession you are involved in. Teachers, social media influencers and even law enforcement officers have admitted to using weed.

The perception towards CBD is even much more positive. People are using hemp-derived CBD left, right and center without facing any stigma from fellow Coloradoans.


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