Is CBD Oil In Florida? + Where To Buy

CBD oil aka hemp oil is one of nature’s most powerful remedies. CBD is one of the two most active compounds you will find in a cannabis extract.

The other one is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Once consumed CBD binds to receptors in the body’s nervous systems bringing about a series of therapeutic changes. Some of the therapeutic changes include pain relief, improved sleep, less muscle tightness, and reduced anxiety.

THC, on the other hand, may also bring about some of these benefits. Nonetheless, in addition to these benefits, THC also causes euphoria.

It is what makes marijuana users high. It is also the chemical compound that marijuana test kits are made to identify in urine samples.

CBD and THC are available in high concentrations in cannabis extracts. However, industrial hemp extracts often contain more CBD and significantly less THC.

This is why most state governments that have officially legalized CBD oils only allow the trade and use of hemp-derived CBD. CBD extracts from cannabis with high concentrations of psychoactive THC remain illegal in all states across the country.

In Florida, things are more or less the same. The sunshine state has a progressive populace and legislative assembly. The legislature recently officially legalized CBD in the state.



The sunshine state recently signed a law that allows residents to officially use CBD oil. This is good news for Floridians who want to enjoy the numerous benefits of CBD oils.

However, the law is not just a blank check. It does not just allow anyone to sell any kind of CBD oil. There are requirements that have to be met by the sellers.

One such requirement is that the CBD oil must contain at least 10% of CBD (Cannabidiol) and no more than 0.8% THC.

The presence of at least 10% CBD guarantees consumers strong CBD products that can really make a difference. While the low THC levels ensure users suffer no psychoactive effects.

Another condition is that users have to be state-qualified. In other words, they have to be registered. Qualifying conditions include terminal illness, seizures, muscle spasms, and cancer.

This kind of restricts CBD oil to patients with serious conditions. However, there are indications that the law could soon be changed to allow non-restricted access to marijuana.


Possession of marijuana for recreational use remains illegal in Florida. Those caught may face a prison sentence of up to 45 years. Heavy fines may also be imposed.

The severity of the sentence depends on the quantity possessed and whether the possession was near a college, school or any other specified area.

Possession with the intention to sell is a whole other issue. It carries its own severe criminal sanctions.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. That light comes in the form of the Florida Medical Marijuana Law.

The law allows patients with certain conditions to access marijuana. However, patients have to be registered with the state’s Medical Marijuana Registry.

As of now, there are over 30,000 Floridians registered and permitted to buy marijuana.

There is also a caveat in the use of medical marijuana. Doctors have to recommend it as a medicine of last resort. Simply put, physicians can only recommend marijuana after exploring all other options.


As mentioned earlier, Florida is one of the most progressive states in terms of marijuana laws.

Floridians have for long supported the legalization of medical marijuana in the Sunshine state. They succeeded in this endeavor.

Many Floridians also supported the subsequent expansion of the medical marijuana law. They also succeeded in this endeavor.

Right now medical marijuana is legal. CBD oil is also legal.

Yet, many Floridians still remain in the trenches fighting to improve access to CBD oil in the state. Chances are they are more likely than not to succeed.

Free access to CBD is the norm in the country. Many proponents believe there is no need to register with the state if they want to sleep better, improve their appetite or simply improve their general wellbeing; CBD benefits that have been proven more than once.

From the marijuana laws and the CBD oil laws, it is clear that most Floridians have no problem with cannabis or its products.

Furthermore, the over 30,000 registered cannabis patients in the state show that marijuana and CBD are increasingly becoming the go-to remedies for a variety of ailments.



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