CBD Oil in Illinois

When CBD oil was first discovered, a majority of individuals wrote it off. Many regarded it as just another product meant to get them high without offering any significant benefits. Even now, there’s a class of people who think that cannabis is only about getting stoned. But if you’ve had the opportunity to use Cannabidiol (CBD) then you know just how beneficial it is. One of the biggest applications of CBD oil is in treating pain and inflammation. More specifically, CBD oil is an excellent treatment for people suffering from arthritis.

Illinois is one of the states that has accepted and approved the use of CBD oil for medical purposes. After a long struggle, CBD oil products are now considered legal in this state. Read on to learn more about CBD oil laws in Illinois.


CBD oil laws in Illinois

According to Illinois laws, CBD oil is not regarded illegal. However, it wasn’t always this easy to purchase CBD oil and other products. The history of CBD oil in Illinois can be traced back to 1931 when the state first forbid the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. This was done in correspondence to a nationwide trend across 29 other states.

Later in 1978, Illinois legislators approved the Cannabis Control Act, a bill that permitted the use of medical marijuana. However, for this law to be implemented it required approval from two other departments- State Police and Human Services. Unfortunately, neither organization was willing to approve this bill.

Three decades later, things started looking up for the cannabis enthusiasts in Illinois following the enactment of the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program. This was in 2013, whereby the law allowed for the use of medical cannabis. Nonetheless, it would only be administered under stringent conditions.

Although some people are still reluctant to use medical cannabis, the case is different when it comes to CBD oil. Following the approval of the National Farm Bill, which was signed into law by former president Barack Obama, CBD oil and CBD products are completely legal in Illinois. In fact, you don’t even need a prescription to purchase CBD products in this state. You can buy them in store or from online vendors.


Best Places to Buy CBD in Illinois

At present, Chicago is the main CBD hub in this state, although other residents are free to purchase CBD products from online vendors. Also, there’s a likelihood that more shops will spring up round the state.

In its own right, Chicago is one of the most suitable places to purchase CBD oil and CBD products not just in terms of quality but also decent prices. Shops in this region are staffed with very knowledgeable people, a few of whom obtain their products from across the globe. If you live in Illinois and are planning to buy CBD products, here are the best shops you can buy from.

Where to buy CBD in Downtown Chicago

One of the ideal areas to buy high-quality CBD is CBD Kratom, which has two shops. The first one can be found in Bucktown along 2048 N Damen Avenue, which is just a couple of blocks up from the Damen Blue Line stop. The next one is the recently opened Andersonville situated on 5303 N Clark St. This second shop is conveniently located to residents of Evanston and Lincolnwood.

Apart from CBD oil products, Kratom also offers a wide range of CBD lotions, capsules and lollipops for a measly $4. Plus, you can seek advice from David Palatnik, who is a CBD expert having discovered it a couple of years back. Considering how devoted David is to his work, you can rest assured that all the products you find on the shelves have been tested, checked and rechecked to confirm that they’re quality. If you factor in their friendly and supportive staff, decent pricing and broad selection, then it becomes evident why Kratom has become the go-to shop for a majority of CBD enthusiasts living in Chicago.

If for some reason you find this shop closed, you can head to Vape Daze, which is a 5-minute drive from Kratom. More specifically, this shop is situated on 2817 W Belden Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647. It is close to the renowned Blue Line’s California stop, and boasts a 5-star rating from its customers. Like Kratom, Dape Vaze also has a broad range of CBD oil products to pick from.

For those interested in juices, batteries, tanks amongst other vaping gear, you can head to Cloud Vapor Lounge. Customers cite the shop’s friendly staff as one of their best traits. Cloud Vapor Lounge is open throughout the week for 8 to 10 hours each day. Better yet, this shop features an excellent Yelp discount program.


Where to buy CBD in Des Plaines

If you live in Des Plaines, one of the best CBD shops that you can visit is Vapor Hous. It’s located on 617 W Golf Road, and boasts some of the fairest prices for different CBD oil products. What’s more, this shop offers discounts to first-time customers. And, their experienced staff are always friendly and ready to answer any questions you may have.

Being a member of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association, this CBD store also deals in premium quality Kosher grade products. Plus, customers applaud it for having some of the best rated e-juices. Vapor Hous is open throughout the week, so you can head to it any time you’re free.

Residents of South Elgin can also enjoy the benefits offered by Cannabidiol by purchasing first-rate CBD oil products at Elixrz Vape Shop. Located on 1345 N La Fox, this CBD store also boasts very decent prices and it has a 4.5-star rating.


Wrap Up

You don’t have to worry about purchasing CBD oil products in Illinois as they’re considered legal. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, there are a ton of shops where you’ll find high-quality CBD products. These include CBD Kratom, Vape Daze and Cloud Vapor Lounge, which serve the residents of Downtown Chicago and Vapor Hous, which serves the residents Des Plaines.