CBD Oil in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky has restrictive laws on medical marijuana. You should not expect mercy if you are caught with any product containing THC. Kentucky allows you to use CBD under two special conditions: when your physician recommends that you should use it or if you are part of a research study by USDA. Oddly, no other state rivals Kentucky when it comes to production of hemp. This goes back a few centuries and most of the hemp you find in North America was once grown on farms in the state of Kentucky. Hemp-based CBD, most likely grown in Kentucky, is 100 percent legal in America because hemp contains very little THC. So if you are a resident of Kentucky, you are free to buy or order online from approved manufacturers.


How CBD works

An important thing for you to remember is that for any constituent to relate with your body, it needs to attach to special receptors found in your nervous system. For this to happen, your body produces substances that look almost the same as those you are taking. Apparently, your body also produces its own kind of cannabinoids. These substances work with CB1 and CB2, which are two kinds of receptors. CB1 influences a number of physiological functions in your body including coordination, movement, appetite, mood, pain and cognition.  CB2 influences inflammation and pain in your body.

As opposed to THC, Cannabidiol does not relate with the two receptors in your body. Instead, CBD causes your body to produce its own unique Cannabinoids to help it manage pain, motion, inflammation, and your mental wellbeing. Ideally, CBD helps your body to repair itself.


Places to buy CBD Oil in Kentucky

Hemp-based CBD has grown into a very popular health and wellness supplement. As a result of this trend, shops are popping up all over Kentucky including dispensaries, health stores and even vape shops. Other than its many benefits to your health including reduction of anxiety and pain, CBD does not contain THC so you won’t feel high when you use it.  So you are free to purchase and use as edible, lotion or tincture. You can find CBD shops in Louisville, Bardstown, Lexington and Western Kentucky.

Where to buy CBD Oil in Louisville

If you live in Louisville, there are two shops you can go to for your dose of CBD. There is Green Remedy which is basically a wholesale health shop and offers you hemp-based CBD in various forms. You can buy CBD as capsules, additives, or tincture. They also stock hemp based products for your skin at a very affordable price. Green Remedy is open Monday through Friday and you will find it along 4104, Bishop Lane, in Louisville, at KY 42103.

For those who fancy a traditional kind of atmosphere, A&A Smoker’s Outlet is the place to visit. Apart from CBD Oil products, they also have e-juices, vapes, hand pipes, glass oil burners and dab kits at friendly prices. Their hours are equally friendly and they open Monday through Friday. If you feel like giving them a visit they are located on 5909, Terry Road, in Louisville, at KY 40216.

Where to buy CBD Oil in Bardstown

Bardstown boasts of Cannabis Phrog, a shop that specializes in many health and wellness hemp-based products of high quality including balms, morning blends and lotions from fast-selling brands. Cannabis Phrog is two years old, but the attendants are very knowledgeable, friendly and very eager to help you find the best CBD oil product for your needs. They are located on 700 B, Bloomfield Road, in Bardstown, at KY 40004. Cannabis Phrog is open Monday to Saturday.

Where to buy CBD Oil in Lexington        

JD Vapor is the shop to visit if you are a resident of Lexington. This shop has all the CBD oil products to meet your health needs. They stock CBD liquids, wax and edibles. JD vapor has been around for four years and over this period, they have expanded their products and now they also have e-juices, mods and vapes at very pocket-friendly prices. JD vapor is open seven days a week and you can find them on 96, Plaza Drive, in Lawrenceburg, at KY40342.

Where to buy CBD oil West of Kentucky

Kentucky’s Owensboro offers you Smoker’s Heaven, a shop that deals in water pipes, premium CBD oils and cigarillos. Smoker’s Heaven has been around for about four years so its staff is well known for its friendliness. You can find Smoker’s Heaven on 3600, Frederica Street, in Owensboro, at KY 4230.

Residents of bowling green can easily find CBD Oil from Vette City Vapes. This shop has a wall to wall range of CBD oil products for all enthusiasts including e-juices, vaporizers, and a number of accessories and equipment. Vette City Vapes places a lot of emphasis on customer service and the attendants will go to any length to make sure you find the right CBD product. You will find this shop open all week and they are located on 1239, US Highway 31 bypass, in Bowling Green, at KY 42101.


Health risks

As a CBD enthusiast, you have nothing to worry about because there are no health risks that have been reported so far. Actually, CBD is tolerated very well by many people and it does not have any effect on your vital signs, mood or nervous system.

Although CBD Oil is safe to use, it is important to consult your physician before you make it part of your regime. Why? Well, like most other hemp derivatives, there is a very small chance that you will be flagged for drug use.  So, it is best to discuss such a possibility with your health practitioner.

Final word

There are many health benefits associated with CBD Oil. Better yet, there are various shops around Kentucky where you can find a variety of CBD Oil products for your needs. If you are a resident of Kentucky, or are just visiting and you wish to find CBD Oil to sooth that ache, visit any one of the shops in this article and drive that pain away!