Buying CBD Oil In Maine Legally – What You Need To Know

From garden shows to farmers markets and even convenient stores, CBD oils are being marketed, sold and consumed across the length and breadth of the pine tree state!

The interest in CBD oils is at an all-time high in Maine.

Even more spectacularly, people in the state are already enjoying the benefits of smoking and using marijuana recreationally. (Maine is one of the few states that has already legalized this)

The medicinal benefits of the Cannabis plant and its cousin the hemp plant are numerous. Both can produce active substances known as cannabinoids.

The most medically important cannabinoids are CBD and THC! They both provide a wide range of benefits.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, inhibits the growth of cancerous tumors, stimulates appetite, helps with pain management, enhances quality sleep, reduces incidences of epileptic seizures, and may improve brain function.

Unfortunately, THC also brings about euphoric effects and is addictive and federally illegal. (We will get to this in a bit)

CBD (Cannabinol) is similarly powerful! It can improve sleep, reduce nausea, provide pain relief, cancer management, and treat muscle tremors. It has been used successfully in treating wasting diseases.

Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t create a state of euphoria or get you high. It is also federally legal if derived from hemp.

Now that the benefits of cannabis derivatives (THC and CBD) are crystal clear and the difference between the two also clear, here are some regulations you may want to be aware of before puffing weed or taking your first drop of CBD oil in Maine.


Maine is one of the most weed-friendly states in the country.

Recreational marijuana is legal in the state. This based on Maine’s Marijuana Legalization Act of 2016 that was directly approved by voters.

Though retail sales will not begin until 2020, adults over 21 years of age can legally plant up to 6 Cannabis plants and possess 2.5 ounces without getting into trouble with the law.

As of now, only those with a medical card for prescribed conditions can buy legally buy marijuana from the multiple weed dispensaries across the state.

More importantly for us though is the legal status of CBD and CBD oils in Maine. There is no law banning the use of the non-euphoric/ non-psychoactive CBD in Maine.

The law that takes supremacy in this matter is the federal law. More specifically, the Agricultural Act of 2014.

The Act allows for the cultivation or importation and use of hemp products including CBD. This is why most people are able to fly with oils without getting into trouble with the TSA for carrying illegal substances.

However, before you carry a bottle of CBD oil to your next flight, check the labels to see the source of your CBD oil. Some manufacturers get theirs from the Cannabis plant which has THC. And anything with more than 0.3% THC is illegal at the federal level.

This means you need to stick to the hemp-derived version of CBD. This might involve doing a bit of due diligence before you purchase your next product.


As mentioned earlier, Maine is a weed-friendly state. It allows the use of recreational weed. According to this Rolling Stone piece, though it is illegal to smoke outside, places such as Bangor, Lewiston, and Portland pretty much allow outdoor smoking.

These places have bars, clubs and concert venues, locations that are synonyms with weed consumption. If camping or hiking, you also probably won’t get into trouble with the law.

This shows the progressiveness of Maine compared to the rest of the country.

For CBD oils, things are much better. The acceptance is nearly 100%. Nobody has a problem with the use of CBD oils in the pine tree state.

“How do we know this?”

While there are no publicly available surveys on CBD oil usage, it is clear, from the number of public exhibitions, sales, farms and CBD oil businesses in the state, that the market likes CBD oils and related products.

There are plenty of hemp farms throughout the rural sides of the state. There also plenty of wellness and alternative medicine stores stocking their shelves with the good stuff.

You won’t be looked sideways for getting a bottle of CBD oil anywhere in Maine.



The CBD HEMPSTORE on 1523 SE Morrison Street is one of the cleanest most friendly establishments you can buy CBD in the northeast!

This is because unlike many businesses that are primarily smoke shops that carry CBD oils, CBD HEMPSTORE is solely a CBD oils business.

The ambiance is nice, the staff are also knowledgeable about the differences between the products they carry and their benefits. Their collection of CBD products is also relatively wide. This gives you multiple choices.

The Soul Being wellness center on 662 Congress Street is also worth a shout-out. The center has a CBD retail store plus experienced wellness consultants/ healers who can assess you and recommend the best products for your ailments.

Those who have visited the place claim that the consultants show patience and caring.


If you are in Lewiston, then you will find the After Hours Smoke Shop on 25 Lisbon Street to be a decent vendor of CBD oils and other products.


Before you start taking CBD oils you should definitely consult your doctor. Make sure you tell him or her about the conditions you may have. Being an active agent, CBD may react with you adversely.

Once given the go-ahead, ensure you stick to the recommended dosage; no more, no less. Sticking to the recommended dosage will prevent the likelihood of side effects such as lightheadedness or drowsiness. The recommended dosage is also what is required for maximum efficacy. Anything less could be a waste of time for you.