CBD Oil in Missouri

CBD oil has gained popularity in Missouri thanks to the efforts of researchers and activists who fought tooth and nail to have it legalized. Their efforts bore fruit, and in 2014, Jay Nixon, the governor of Missouri approved HB 2238, the bill that made use and distribution of CBD oil licit. However, there is a catch: the oils derived from cannabis must contain no less than 5 percent CBD and at most 0.3 percent THC. Between its outlawed image, uncertain legal status and complex composition, the effects of marijuana on your sanity and body are somewhat still a big mystery. Nonetheless, CBD, one of the derivatives of marijuana, is experiencing a prized status throughout Missouri.

So what is Cannabidiol and how do you get to benefit from using it? Read on to know more about CBD and where you can find it.


Benefits of CBD

CBD is a derivative of cannabis and is known for its useful health benefits. Unlike most other derivatives of marijuana, CBD contains significantly less levels of THC, a psychoactive compound that cause you to feel high. Since CBD is considerably less psychoactive compared to other strains of marijuana that contain a lot of THC, it makes sense that patients would prefer to use it to relieve pain and other kinds of ailments. CBD also shows neuroprotective and neurogenic effects along with ability to keep cancer at bay, although all these three properties are still under investigation.

CBD product Buying guide

Although CBD is on a high demand in America, there are people who still prefer to source it from companies that originate overseas. This is an obsolete way of acquiring this product, although it was the only way to purchase CBD before the law allowed it to be sold within America. Today, the problem is that CBD from overseas companies is of low quality, especially if you buy it from Eastern Europe or China. Also, your health is at risk because CBD from these countries contains chemicals, toxins and worst of all, heavy metals. For your own safety, pick US-based brands with good product reviews and a reputation that you can trust.

Best Places to Buy Cannabidiol in Missouri

Here is some good news for CBD enthusiasts. CBD is among the most sought after and selling products under the health wellness product category. Also, CBD retailers are coming up throughout the America, and so the Midwest isn’t an exception. If you find yourself in Missouri and are looking to grab a bottle or two of CBD, St. Louis and Kansas City have a number of top rated retail stores that sell high quality Cannabidiol products. However, if you feel that online shopping is your thing, there are wholesalers and retailers who sell Cannabidiol online.

Where to buy CBD within Kansas

Located on 6310, Brookside Plaza in Kansas City’s, MO 64113 area, CBD Plus is a reputable and trusted shop for high quality CBD. They have all kinds of CBD-based products including topicals, lotions, edibles, gummies and pet delights. All these contain hemp-based Cannabidiol. Customers who visit CBD Plus find it has staff who are professional and friendly to everyone, whether you are a first time customer of a regular. CBD Plus opens all week: from Monday to Saturday.

A few minutes’ walk from CBD Plus is Main Smoke whose address is on 3429 Main St, in Kansas City’s MO 64111 area. Main Smoke is what you would consider an all-rounded head shop that specializes in vape CBD. If you enjoy vape CBD, Main Smoke has you covered because they have dabbers, hand blow glass, e-liquids, Kratom, and premium quality CBD. Founded 14 years ago, Main smoke has remained a favorite to locals and tourists alike because they offer friendly prices, good discounts, and their staff are knowledgeable on matters CBD. Main Smoke is open Monday to Friday.

If you reside to the south of Kansas City off I-435, American Shaman is closest to you. You will find this store on 500 W along the 103rd St, in Kansas City’s MO 64114 area. Regulars often leave a lot of positive reviews including a top of the range CBD inventory, a friendly atmosphere and professional staff. All their CBD is derived from hemp, and you can also find a number of CBD oils at pocket friendly rates. That is not all because American Shaman also offers competitive online deals for those who love to shop online and you also get about 17 percent of all your purchases.

Where to buy CBD within St. Louis

If you find yourself on 3161, Morganford Road, in Saint Louis’ MO 63116 area, be sure to lookout for CBD KRATOM. This shop ranks highest in St. Louis because they offer some of the best Vape products including wax, oils, capsules, edibles, topical, cartridge and tincture. CBD KRATOM also boasts of some really top brands such as +Plus CBD, BeeZbee, Green Roads, Essential CBD, Mary’s Nutrition, Green Garden and Nine Mile. Their 4.5 Rating is well deserved, and regulars agree that CBD KRATOM is professional and friendly.

Within St. Louis you will also find Mr. Nice Guy, and just like their name suggests, they are nice. They offer you the widest range of products including Kratom, plus vaporizer, pipes, detox and many other accessories. Their prices are pocket friendly and are often within or below market rates. For the purpose of accessibility, Mr. Nice offers you online sales with the option of delivery to your door step. Their growth has seen them set up five other stores in different parts of St. Louis.

Last but not least is cloud 9 premium lounge found on 1517, Cottleville Parkkway, in Cottleville’s MO 63376 area. This store is considered the best for hookah and vape amongst all others in St. Louis, and they have a 5 star rating based on just 20 customer reviews.


Final word

After many years of sustained activism, and many people calling for legalization of hemp based CBD, finally this products is available in America. If you are a resident of Missouri and a CBD enthusiast, all you need to do is walk into your nearest store and grab that CBD-based product that tickles your fancy and enjoy!