CBD OIL IN NEW YORK – Laws, Where To Buy, and More

Cannabidiol (aka CBD) is a therapeutic substance that can be derived from the marijuana plant or the industrial hemp plant.

The hemp-derived CBD is the legal one (more details a bit later), while marijuana-derived CBD is illegal.

According to Dr Laszlo Mechtler, CBD is popular in the medical community. It can be used to treat or manage a variety of issues including sleep disturbance, anxiety, MS (multiple sclerosis), and others.

The good doctor further adds that the lack of THC (a substance with psychoactive effects) in hemp-derived CBD oils makes it a relaxant. This makes it extremely useful in pain management. People who are suffering from chronic pain or any other illnesses or conditions that cause pain can immensely benefit from it.

Another physician, Dr Grace Forde, adds that CBD significantly improves general wellbeing.

In New York, just like across the nation, CBD is becoming a buzzword in the wellness community. CBD oil bottles are flying off the shelves like hot cake!

This article highlights the laws, the cultural attitudes towards CBD, and the best places to buy CBD products in the state.


The law in New York does not forbid the use of CBD oils. You can buy as much CBD oil as you want wherever you find it.

However, the only CBD oils legal are those that are made from hemp. And not just any hemp. But from industrial hemp that must meet the requirements set in the Federal Agricultural Act of 2014.

One of the requirements is that it must have less than 0.3% THC – the compound that gives you a high. CBD oils from other sources such as the marijuana plant contain potent levels of THC and are therefore not legal.

The best way to protect yourself from breaking the law is to buy CBD oils only from trusted suppliers who declare the source and the legality of their oils.

Lucky for you we have identified several below for your convenience.

Apart from CBD-specific laws, there are also laws that touch on the use of marijuana. In New York, marijuana is not yet legalized despite the numerous attempts to do so by advocacy groups, some lawmakers, and industry coalitions.

Despite marijuana being illegal, possession of fewer than 25 grams is only considered a civil infraction (just like a traffic ticket).

As for medical marijuana, it is 100% legal in New York State. However, it needs a prescription from certified hospitals and the prescriptions can only be prescribed for qualifying conditions. The conditions include chronic pain, muscle spasms, inflammatory diseases, nausea, AIDS, HIV, MS, Cancer, and wasting syndromes.

In summary, unlike marijuana, CBD is legal and has received backing even from the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Medical marijuana is also legal for qualifying conditions.


Many people in New York are appreciating that times are changing. That it is no longer cool to just ban marijuana for the sake of it yet it has multiple proven benefits.

Governor Cuomo was until recently one of the most anti-marijuana governors in the country. However, earlier this year he admitted that things are changing and that there may be a need to legalize marijuana as it had been done in neighboring Massachusetts and Jersey.

The Governor has also attempted to reduce criminal sanctions for possessing marijuana.

Cuomo’s actions are most likely informed by the changing attitudes towards marijuana in New York. A recent survey by Emerson College revealed that 62% of New Yorkers favor the legalization of weed.

So buying medical weed is not going to raise any eyebrows in New York. Better yet, buying hemp-derived CBD will give you most of the benefits of medical weed, won’t raise any eyebrows and does not need a prescription.

In fact, CBD products have become so popular that now people are referring to CBD as the “it” drug.

There are lotions, sunscreens, lip balms, capsules, tablets, vapes and may other CBD related products available in street-side and even high-end stores.



The best place to buy CBD in New York is Cloud 99 Vapes on 50 2n Avenue in East Village. Though the establishment specializes in vapes, they’ve got a cool collection of CBD oils for your consumption.

The staff are really friendly and know their stuff. They will help you to quickly select the best product for your medical needs.

A similarly cool place to buy CBD products is the Brooklyn Smoke Shop. They have a good range of locally produced CBD oils including the powerful 1000 mg Organabus brand. Check them out on 198 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.

Another great place to buy CBD is the East Village Smoke Shop on 177 1ST Avenue. It has a great collection of different strengths CBD oils including several local brands such as Green Roads.


Buffalo Vapor located at 1590 Hertel Avenue Buffalo, NY is the finest CBD oils vendor in upstate New York.

There is nothing not to love about them. Their ambience is first-class, their CBD oils are premium, and their staff are very friendly.

They carry several best-selling CBD oil brands.


If you are a first-time CBD user, it is important to know that there are several ways of taking CBD. The most common way of taking CBD is swallowing. You simply use a dropper to drop the recommended number of drops onto your tongue and swallow.

Another popular and probably the most effective way of taking CBD is holding it under the tongue (sublingual). Again you use the dropper to place the drops below your tongue and hold.

This method allows for near-maximum delivery as the membranes below the tongue can quickly absorb CBD into the bloodstream. Sublingual delivery also ensures that the CBD avoids being digested by the liver as is the case with swallowing.

CBD can also be chewed or smoked.