CBD OIL IN NORTH CAROLINA – Legal Status and Buyer Tips

CBD oils are slowly but surely becoming ubiquitous in North Carolina. In stores and online, CBD oils and related products are selling like hot cake.

Some are putting them under the tongue (sublingual), others are chewing them, and the rest are vaping their oils.

The benefits are proven and it is only a matter of time before mainstream pharmaceutical companies start making their own CBD-based medicines.

However, most people are wondering what is the legal situation in North Carolina? After all, CBDs can be derived from the marijuana plant which would make them illegal under federal law as marijuana is a controlled substance.

In this article, we first look at the laws on CBD in North Carolina and then the cultural attitudes towards CBD in the state. Finally, we will highlight the best places to buy CBD oils in North Carolina.



Unlike many states that do not have specific laws criminalizing or legalizing the use of CBD (Cannabinol), North Carolina has one.

In mid-2014, the state’s Governor Pat McCrory signed bill HB1220 into law. The bill allowed conducting of research on CBD oils for the treatment of epilepsy.

The bill legalizes the use of hemp oil with at least five percent CBD and no more than 0.9 percent THC by weight. The law was later amended in 2016 to remove the need for patients to register to receive the CBD treatment.

However this law was, there was a caveat. Hemp-derived CBD products could not be acquired from within the state. They had to be imported to the state. So the farmers, growers, and processors in the state were not protected by the Act.

This was before Bill 313 was passed in later 2015. The bill legalized the commercial cultivation of industrial hemp in North Carolina.

But there is good news! CBD oil acquired from hemp plants in states that are legally growing the plant according to the federal Agricultural Act is perfectly legal. Processors only have to ensure that apart from meeting the requirements set out in the Act, they must not exceed o.3% THC in the final product.

That would make the final product to be legally classified as marijuana which is illegal.


North Carolina has some of the most lenient marijuana laws in the country.

Even though recreational marijuana remains illegal in the state, those found guilty are often given the proverbial slap on the wrist rather than more serious punishment.

For example, those found in possession of fewer than 0.5 ounces of marijuana are charged with a misdemeanor which carries a maximum penalty of $200 with no jail term. The highest penalty is for carrying more than 1.5 ounces of marijuana and is punishable by up to 8 months imprisonment.

Possession with the intention to traffic is considered a more serious offence and is punishable by lengthier jail terms and heavier fines.


All over the state, news reports are revealing the popularity of CBD oils!

From TV to radio, blogs and social media, people across the state are interested in using, buying, or getting to know more about CBD oils.

The oils are popularly bought for their pain management and relaxation properties. However, other uses such as enhancement of sleep quality, reduction of anxiety, treating nausea, and improvement of general wellbeing are also quite popular among North Carolinians.

And even though North Carolina Hemp companies admit that there had been some stigma related to using hemp, attitudes are rapidly changing.

This is thought to be as a result of more companies starting to make more premium CBD oils and other products. Also due to the endorsement of CBD oils by specialist physicians such as Grace Forde and other healthcare experts.

Another major reason why CBD oils are becoming popular are the numerous success stories highlighted on TV. These stories include a powerful one of a mum who was able to significantly reduce her daughter’s epileptic seizures using the oils. Her daughter is now free of pharmaceutical medication and is making good progress in therapy.

These kinds of stories have helped clean the name of CBD and made many North Carolinians familiar with the product.


If interested in getting in on the benefits of CBD oils, it is important you only go for professional products from registered companies that know what they are doing. Buying oils from roadside stands or from anonymous Facebook characters can expose you to contaminated products that are not safe from consumption.

Lucky for you, we have identified a couple of places for you to get your “fix” of the good stuff.


If you are in Ashville, then you are better off getting your oils right from the source. The Carolina Hemp Company on 406 Elk Park Drive should be your first port of call. The company prides itself as premier hemp grower and processor of CBD oils and other related products. Check out their range of sublingual oils to find out what works best for your needs. Their staff are extra kind with that warm southern vibe that is difficult to force.

One of the other super sweet places to find CBD oil in North Carolina is the Blue Ridge Hemp Company over at 61 1/2 North Lexington Avenue. The company has some good selections in its retail store. The staff know their stuff and will help you to quickly find the product that suits your needs.

Dobra Tea at 707 Haywood Road is also worth checking out.

Final Thoughts on North Carolina CBD laws

CBD oils are legal. Recreational marijuana is not legal but the consequences are lenient compared to the rest of the country. CBD has a variety of known benefits including tempering anxiety and managing pain. However, to experience the benefits you need to buy it from professionals who know what they are doing.