Buying CBD Oil Legally In Ohio

CBD oil is the latest craze in town! Almost everybody’s sister, brother, aunt or uncle is using it. Better yet, almost everybody is reporting how it amazingly helped them.

This has made more people curious about the oil.

So what really is CBD oil?

CBD oil is derived primarily from the hemp plant (closely related to the marijuana plant). It contains Cannabinol (CBD) which has several health benefits. It makes you less anxious, gives you quality sleep, reduces pain, reduces inflammation, and can help with cancer. These are but some of its dozens of therapeutic benefits.

“So if it is so good why isn’t every doctor recommending it?”

Well, many think CBD falls in a legal gray area. They are not sure whether it is legal or not. So we decided to do the research.

And since they say you shouldn’t take legal advice from a journo, a blogger, a cook or your folks, we decided to go to the ultimate source; lawyers. They have the degrees to handle such matters.

So we consulted with the best legal blogs in the state.

And here is what we found out.



According to Columbus-based Tyack Law Firm, CBD oil from industrial hemp is legal. This is because it only has trace amounts of THC.

It is argued on the blog that the legal definition of the industrial hemp plant is that which contains no more than 0.3% THC. This definition is lifted from the federal farm bill of 2014 which allowed states to import or research on hemp cultivation, uses and marketing.

Thus, possession or sale of hemp-derived CBD oils in Columbus, Cincinnati or any other part of Ohio is perfectly legal. The fact that this is coming from a local law firm makes it very reliable. (Despite the fact that they say it shouldn’t be taken as legal advice)

However, if the CBD is derived from the marijuana plant itself, then it falls under a different law. That is the Ohio Medical Marijuana Law.


Several years ago, Ohio’s Governor signed into law, the state’s medical marijuana law. The law established the state’s Medical Marijuana Control Program.

Under the program patients in the state can qualify for medical marijuana is they have cancer, epilepsy, AIDS, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain trauma, chronic pain and/ or a variety of other debilitating illnesses.

This is one of the most expansive lists of qualifying conditions for states that have medical marijuana programs in the country.

The law allows for patients to have a 90-day supply but no more. The law mandates the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy to run the program and register patients and caregivers.

Unfortunately, the law forbids home cultivation. It, however, allows the board of pharmacy to register pot dispensaries across the state. One more thing that the law forbids is smoking medical marijuana. You must take it in other ways.

In summary, two things are clear. One, hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3% THC is legal in Ohio. Two, marijuana-derived CBD and other marijuana products are medically accessible in Ohio under its medical marijuana law.


Just like in the rest of the country, the cultural attitudes towards marijuana and CBD are changing for the better in Ohio. More and more people are realizing the health benefits and other benefits that legalizing CBD could have to local communities.

Nationally, a recent opinion poll found that an overwhelming 64 percent of voters supported the legalization of marijuana.

Another proof of changing cultural attitude was the recent drive by Senator Chuck Schumer to decriminalize marijuana.

The poll and the open push to legalize marijuana are clear indications that Americans are embracing the benefits of marijuana, the hemp plant and related products.

“What about Ohio?”

In Ohio, things are looking even more positive. One of the most anti-weed politicians in the state, former House Speaker, John Boehner, recently joined the board of Acreage Holdings – one of the largest cannabis firms in the US.

In a tweet, the former speaker admitted that he was convinced that there is a need to decriminalize marijuana. This, he argued, will allow research into the benefits of the plant.

A petition to change the constitution of Ohio so as to legalize recreational marijuana in the state was also recently filed. However, it was shot down by the state’s Attorney General.

The openness with which top politicians and residents in Ohio are now supporting cannabis is clear indication that there is no more stigma associated with cannabis use. At least not from the majority of the population in the state.



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