CBD Oil in Pennsylvania – Legal Status and Buyer Tips

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is not one of the 17 states that specifically have local laws regulating the use of Cannabidiol (CBD). However, did you know that there is a federal law that legalizes the use of hemp-derived CBD in the state?

In this article, we look at the laws regulating the use of CBD in Pennsylvania. We also look at marijuana laws in the state, attitudes towards CBD and marijuana in the state, and the best places to get yourself a bottle of CBD oil.

But before we look at the laws, the attitudes and the locations, here is a bit about what CBD is and how useful it is.

What is CBD oil?

The buzz around CBD is palpable. All across the country from New York to Los Angeles, from Seattle to Miami, wellness stores are stocking their shelves with CBD oils from various processors and brands.

But what really is CBD oil?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is an extract of the marijuana plant. It can also be derived from the hemp plant (a relative of the marijuana plant).

For decades, researchers, governments and the general public were preoccupied with another marijuana extract THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC had a wide variety of health benefits but was also behind the psychoactive alterations associated with taking weed.

However, this was until they discovered CBD and that it had most of the same benefits but without any psychoactive effects.

CBD derived from the hemp plant has extremely low concentrations of THC compared to that extracted from the marijuana plant. It is believed that at a concentration of lower than 0.3% THC by weight, CBD oils can be used as much as possible without any mind alteration.

There is no getting high from CBD oils.

“What about the health benefits?”

CBD is known to have a variety of physical and mental health benefits. It brings about therapeutic changes through its interactions with the endocannabinoid system which is part of the body’s nervous system. Through these interactions, CBD can make you sleep better, make you feel less anxious, reduce epileptic seizures, improve your mood, remove pain, and treat schizophrenia.


Laws regulating CBD in Pennsylvania

In 2014 the federal government passed the farm bill. The legislation, now known as the Agricultural Act 2014, defines industrial hemp as a cannabis with less than 0.3% concentration of THC.

The Act allows states to permit universities and their departments of agriculture to grow industrial hemp so as to study its cultivation, growth and marketing. According to experts, it is the word marketing is what allows states to license private growers to cultivate industrial hemp, process it and sell it and then share their experiences with the state.

Pennsylvania has such a law permitting the cultivation and sale of hemp and its products which include CBD oils. The Industrial Hemp Research Law passed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly allows the cultivation and sale of hemp for research.

However, growers have to ensure that the industrial hemp and its products including CBD oils have less than 0.3% CBD and meet all other regulations. Otherwise, they could face criminal sanctions.

Laws regulating Marijuana in Pennsylvania

The recreational use of cannabis remains illegal in Pennsylvania as of the writing of this article. However, the medical use of cannabis is permitted in the commonwealth.

The Pennsylvania medical cannabis law created a marijuana advisory board to help the Commonwealth’s Department of Health to run the medical marijuana program in the state. By law, the board is made up of health professionals, patient representatives, majority and minority parties and law enforcement representatives.

The board has already recommended several conditions as sufficient medical reason to use marijuana including chronic pain, neurodegenerative diseases, opioid addiction, terminal illness, spastic movement disorders and Dyskinetic disorders.

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana law also allows the cultivation of marijuana in the state.


Until recently, marijuana was considered a bad drug by most of the elite in the commonwealth. The former Governor of Pennsylvania once described it as a gateway drug.

However, things have changed significantly over the last few years. When the current Governor took office in 2015, he made it clear that he supported the medical use of marijuana.

The law was subsequently passed and is now in place.

The General Assembly, perhaps reading the mood of the public, also passed a law allowing the cultivation and sale of industrial hemp in the state. The law also allows for the sale of CBD products which are derivatives of industrial hemp.

Thus, from what looked like a pretty gloom situation, cannabis derivatives are now embraced in the state by officials.

CBD oils, in particular, have been well-embraced by the wellness community in Pennsylvania.

The oils are also recommended by local celebrities, blogs and even friends. This shows that there is no more stigma associated with the oils.



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