CBD Oil In South Carolina

Due to its potential to naturally treat a wide range of conditions, the demand for cannabidiol (CBD) continues to increase with each passing day. With the shift of popularity in this hemp-derived product, it is no wonder that more states across America are beginning to embrace it, with South Carolina being one of them.

However, you need not confuse marijuana for cannabidiol. While recreational or medical marijuana is not 100% legal in this state, cannabidiol is. This article further explains cbd oil law in South Carolina.


CBD Oil is Not Marijuana

The South Carolina law has specifically exempted CBD oil, which is extracted from the seeds or the stalks of cannabis plants. The S.C. Code § 44-53-110 is the clause that defines exactly what marijuana is and isn’t. More specifically, marijuana is defined as every section of the weed plant and every compound extracted from this plant including:

  1. All strains or varieties of the cannabis plant as well as all its parts regardless of whether they are growing or not.
  2. Seeds obtained from the cannabis plant
  • The resin derived from any section of the marijuana plant
  1. All the compounds, mixtures, derivatives, salts or preparations of the cannabis plant, its seeds or resin.

Given that cannabidiol is obtained from the cannabis or hemp plant, it falls under the last definition of a compound prepared from this plant. However, the law has further clarified the products not defined as marijuana.


What isn’t considered as Marijuana is South Carolina?

Based on the S.C. Code § 44-53-110, there are a couple of things that don’t fall under the definition of marijuana:

  1. The oil or cake, which are prepared using seeds of the cannabis plant including cannabidiol
  2. Any other element, manufacture, derivative, salt, mixture or preparation from cannabis mature stalks, inclusive of cannabidiol from these mature stalks.

These two explanations make it crystal clear that neither cannabidiol nor CBD products, which are extracted from the seeds or mature stalks of weed plants are considered marijuana, and subsequently, cannot be used for purposes of prosecution under SC’s drug regulations.


CBD Oil Law in South Carolina

We may have established that CBD oil is different from marijuana but does that automatically mean that it’s legal? The short answer to this is a solid Yes.

Back in 2014, the South Carolina legislature accepted the S1035/H4803, popularly referred to as the Julian’s law. It is this regulation that excluded CBD from the criminal definition of marijuana. According to this law, patients suffering from severe forms of seizure disorders are allowed to take CBD oil for medicinal purposes. But first, these persons ought to get recommendations from certified physicians.

What’s more, the law stipulates that the CBD oil administered for medicinal purposes ought to have a minimum of 15% CBD and less than 0.9% of THC. This bill also facilitated the creation of a statewide program, which would be tasked with performing clinical trials as long as they were approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Best Places to buy CBD Oil in South Carolina

Now that we have established that CBD oil is not illegal, which are the best places to purchase it in South Carolina?

For starters, CBD oil is not just used for its recreational purposes. The fact that it helps reduce anxiety, and has potential to prevent cancer is what makes it more popular in South Carolina. And the best part is that CBD products do not possess any intoxicating traits. As such, you can feel safe using it in any form; be it oil, lotion, juice, edible or dab.

For your convenience, we have researched the best places where you can get tried-and-true CBD oil products in Charleston and Greenville.


Where to buy CBD oil in Charleston

There are a ton of stores where you can buy CBD oil in and around Charleston. One of the most reputable CBD shops is Eucalyptus Wellness and Elix Bar (280 W Coleman Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC 294864). This shop has been given a 5-star rating by a majority of customers. It deals in a wide range of CBD oils, teas, herbs among other products.

One of the reasons why Eucalyptus is a favorite of many CBD users is because of the friendly and personal customer services offered. They also have very decent pricing.

If the Eucalyptus Wellness and Elix Bar does not impress you enough, you can go to Herbal Passion (845 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29407). Here, you can choose from a variety of CBD oils, herbs, spices, house tea preparations and super foods. Like the former, Herbal Passion is also praised for friendly customer support, which is accorded to both first-time buyers and lifelong clients.

But if you’re more into vaping, then you should head to Mutiny Vapors (214 St James Ave, Goose Creek, SC 29445). This CBD shop offers high-quality e-liquids, vape gadgets and accessories as well as CBD juices.


Where to buy CBD oil in Greenville

For Greenville residents, the Smoke ‘n Brew (1553 N Pleasantburg Dr, Greenville, SC 29609) is an excellent vape shop. Established back in 2010, this CBD shop has received a 4.5 star rating from its customers. This shop has developed to become one of the few places in upstate Carolina that can be relied on for high-quality CBD products. In case you’re interested in other goods such as Kratom pills, vaporizers and e-liquids, this shop doesn’t disappoint.


Wrap Up

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is regarded legal in South Carollina. However, the same cannot be said of medical cannabis, which is only permitted to persons suffering from uncontrollable epilepsy.

Overtime, the state has embraced the benefits that can be reaped from CBD oil products. In fact, South Carolina has evolved to become one of the most recommended places in the Southeast to buy premium quality CBD products. If you live in Charleston, you can visit Eucalyptus Wellness and Elix Bar or Herbal Passion CBD shops. For those living in Greenville, we recommend Smoke ‘n Brew CBD shop.