CBD Oil In Utah – Is It Legal? +Where To Buy

Of late, more and more Utahns are reporting success in using CBD (Cannabinol)! Stories of success in managing pain, treating insomnia, and reducing anxiety are becoming common in local TV and blogs.

However, there is something preventing more Utahns from using CBD. Most people are not sure about the legal status of CBD in the state. After all, Cannabinol is a derivative of marijuana. And as we all know, marijuana is remains illegal in the state and nationally.

In this article, we discuss the legal status of CBD oil in Utah. (It is legal by the way)

We also discuss the Utahns perception of CBD oil (hemp oil) and cannabis. Then we review a couple of places where you can get premium quality CBD oils in the state.


Utah legislators recently passed laws which specifically allow for the buying and selling of CBD oils in the state!

The state of Utah has had an opioid problem for decades. Many individuals urged state legislators to legalize alternative methods of pain relief. The two most recommended methods were the use of marijuana and the use of CBD oil.


Medical marijuana was approved first. However, controversy regarding the legality of CBD oils remained for a long time.

That was until earlier this year (2018) when legislators approved bills allowing buying and selling of CBD oils.

The laws allow the trade of CBD oils. But there are a few conditions. First, the manufacturers have to be registered in the state of Utah. This was perhaps a way to ensure that the state gets its share of taxes.

But legislators are saying registration will help ensure that the ingredients of the oils will be indeed what the manufacturers claim they are.

Second, every manufacturer must ensure their CBD oils have no more than 0.3% THC. This is in compliance with the Federal Agricultural Act.

THC is the compound responsible for the psychoactive properties associated with using marijuana.

Failure to adhere to these and other requirements could result in sanctions including deregistration.

What we can gather from this is that buyers need to buy products from licensed local manufacturers to be on the safe side of the law.

However, imported hemp is legal under federal law, which means buying CBD oils from other states isn’t going to get you in trouble with the feds.


As mentioned earlier, medical marijuana is legal in Utah. However, just like the case is for CBD oils, there are requirements that have to be observed.

For example, patients have to be registered. You can’t just walk into a medical marijuana dispensary and weed.

Additionally, not all patients are eligible for medical marijuana. Only terminally ill patients, epileptic patients, and several other listed illnesses. As a patient, you will have to ask your physician to recommend it for your conditions.

They have the list of illnesses for which they can recommend marijuana in the state.


As of now, the Utahns are split. If we were to take an educated guess, about 60% favor the current laws legalizing medical marijuana and CBD oils.

The rest are against or unsure.

Why? The state legislators must have consulted their constituents before passing the bills. And since they decided to pass them, then we can safely conclude that most Utahns supported the legislations.

Also, when the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food held a public hearing earlier this year to discuss how to implement the new CBD oil laws, dozens of residents who turned up supported the legislations.

Some, mostly growers, were agitating for regulations to be quickly passed to ensure cultivation starts this growing season.

This push was most probably in recognition of the high demand for CBD products in Utah.

Besides, even before CBD-specific laws were passed this year, dozens if not hundreds of stores were already carrying CBD oils. The demand was great even before the oils officially became legal.

The legality is expected to drive the demand upwards and to encourage more Utahns to embrace the benefits of hemp oils.


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Now that CBD oils are legal in Utah, more Utahns would like to try them out. But not all believe the hype surrounding CBD oils.

However, is it all hype? The answer is no.

Multiple scientific studies have proven the benefits of Cannabinol. Some of the proven benefits include the fact that CBD can provide pain relief. It does this through its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

A quick search on the US National Library of Medicine’s website will also reveal CBD’s other health benefits including reduction of anxiety, managing epilepsy, managing muscle tremors, stopping cancer, improving sleep, and increasing appetite.


CBD/ hemp oil is legal in Utah. It can be bought freely in Salt Lake City and other cities and towns across the state. Utahns have already embraced the oils and there is no stigma associated with buying, selling or using them. The only thing you’ve got to do is to ensure you buy quality oils.

Quality oils ensure that you get to enjoy the therapeutic benefits you were going for. Substandard products may not even have CBD in them. They may also have high concentrations of THC which is illegal.