CBD Oil In Vermont – Laws And Best Stores

Before we get to introducing CBD oil, some good news first!

In case you have been living under a rock and you didn’t hear about it, marijuana is now legal in Vermont. It is legal for both medical and recreational use!

“Ok, so how is this related to CBD oil?” Well, CBD oil can be extracted from the marijuana plant or the Industrial hemp plant.

CBD from marijuana is illegal at the federal level. However, now that marijuana is legal in Vermont, you can use marijuana-derived CBD freely.

Before we get into marijuana and CBD laws in Vermont, here is what you need to know about CBD.

CBD refers to Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is an active ingredient found in both marijuana and industrial hemp. This active ingredient can treat help treat or manage cancer, HIV, glaucoma, anorexia, depression, diabetes and epilepsy.

If you can’t sleep well, a few drops of CBD oil may help. The same goes for anxiety; a few drops of CBD will make you mellow.

Now that we are on the same page, read on to find out about the specific marijuana laws.


As mentioned in the intro, marijuana is legal in Vermont. In this section, we will discuss the major laws touching on marijuana and CBD possession and usage in Vermont.


Early this year (2018), Governor Scott signed H.511 into law. The law permits the recreational use of marijuana by adults above the age of 21.

The law also allows the possession of up to one ounce of the good stuff and two mature plants.

In short, Vermonters can grow their marijuana, harvest the leaves and buds for recreational uses. Which means you can smoke weed and extract cannabis oil for your personal use.

And you can do all this without needing to apply for a state-issued medical card. Soon, the state’s marijuana advisory board will come up with plans to open a legal marketplace for marijuana products.

It is expected that by next year (2019) Vermonters will be able to legally buy full-strength marijuana products (including CBD oil).

Before the legalization of marijuana, Vermont had long decriminalized the ownership of less than one ounce of marijuana in 2013.


Vermont was one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana in the country. Governor Douglas signed a bill in 2004 to allow those suffering from a variety of listed conditions to use marijuana.

The sale of marijuana for medical reasons is already happening in the state.


Most hemp oil you see in shelves in wellness stores in Burlington and other major cities in Vermont are protected by the Federal Agricultural Act of 2014.

The law allows the growing and selling of hemp and its products. One of hemp’s products is CBD oil.

So basically, traders can buy hemp CBD oil from states and sell it in Vermont. Or in any other state across the country. This is as long as the hemp meets the laid out legal provisions in the 2014 Act.

And as if that is not reassuring enough, a memo by the then Attorney General, Bill Sorrel, should be. In his memo, he explicitly said that Vermonters “should not fear prosecution for possessing hemp oil products”.

But there is a catch, the oil should have not more than 0.3% THC to qualify as hemp in Vermont. THC is the compound that gives a high when smoking marijuana.

We can gather four things from these laws and statement. First, recreational marijuana is legal. Second, medical marijuana is legal. Third, cannabis CBD oil is legal. Lastly, hemp-derived oils have been legal since 2014 and using them won’t result in prosecution.


Vermont is very much progressive in terms of its acceptance of the marijuana and its benefits.

The state is now a stoners’ paradise! Even though the law to legalize recreational marijuana was passed directly by the legislature, we can only assume their actions reflected the opinion of the majority of Vermonters. After all, no representative or senator will act in ways to disenfranchise his or her voters.

Apart from this, from the many conferences on marijuana, shops selling CBD products, we can only gather that marijuana has been fully embraced by Vermonters.

The positive reviews of CBD on local blogs, TV stations and radio, also point to the fact that most Vermonters now hold CBD in a positive light.


Looking for dedicated CBD retail stores? Ones that specialize in CBD products and stock good quality oils, lotions, edibles and gummies? We’ve got all the information you need in this section.


Fortunately, there are dozens of decent CBD oil retail stores in Vermont. Ceres Natural Medicines located at 190 College Street in Burlington is one such store. This is Vermont’s, if not the nation’s, best CBD products store.

It carries dozens of CBD products and other natural remedies. The staff are also very friendly and professional. They explain everything with a smile. There is nothing not to love about this store. Visit them today and you will be raving about them on Yelp by the end of the day.

Healthy Living Market & Café is another gorgeous establishment in Burlington where you can get CBD oil. It is located at 222 Dorset Street in the south of the city. They have got dozens of organic foods, herbs and medicines for your consumption. They also carry legal CBD without any THC. They give specific assurances that using their CBD won’t return a positive marijuana test. Try them and they may even before your favorite café in Burlington. Their customer service is also top-notch.

Tomgirl Juice located at 463 St Paul Street is also relatively popular among lovers of healthy juice. They are on the list because they also stock CBD infused shakes and juices.