CBD Oil In Virginia

The legality concerning hemp and cannabis has always been somewhat unpredictable. Laws keep changing or getting updated, some court cases are won while others are lost and propositions get enacted while others get annulled.

A majority of laws and regulations in the cannabis industry are formulated at the federal level. However, different states also have their own laws, as do municipals, cities, counties, towns and communities. This article will focus on CBD oil laws in Virginia.


Laws on CBD in Virginia

Back in 2015, Virginia lawmakers enacted a very narrow and conservative bill regarding cannabidiol use. According to this law, persons suffering from intractable epilepsy or those caring for persons diagnosed with this condition, had a right to legal defense from prosecution if found with CBD. The law was very specific as it only allowed cannabis extracts (CBD oil), whose CBD content should have been higher than 15% and the THC content less than 5%.

Unfortunately, this law only provided legal defense for individuals and families ailing from intractable epilepsy. This meant that getting access to CBD oil was still considered illegal. Still, this was one step in the right direction of embracing what CBD can do for human health.

Luckily, the changes were updated once more in 2017, whereby it was made legal for a specific group of individuals to access CBD oil. To put it plainly, intractable epilepsy patients who wanted to use cannabidiol as treatment had to first register for a program with the Virginia Department of Health. This bill also stipulated the right way of getting your hands on CBD oil. Even though the overall process is a tad convoluted, it can certainly be regarded as progress. The exact laws that relate to cannabidiol use in Virginia are as highlighted below:


The SB-1027

The regulations outlined in this bill are relatively simple. You can only enroll for the aforementioned program if:

  • You are a resident of Virginia
  • You’ve been diagnosed with intractable epilepsy
  • You have a certification from your physician

In the event that the patient was too incapacitated or was a minor, their parent or guardian would have to register for the program on their behalf. Also, the only health personnel permitted to issue certifications were neurologists or other physicians who specialized in the treating epilepsy. One more caveat or requirement is that the physicians had to be enrolled in the Board of Pharmacy. There was also a limit on just how many certifications that one practitioner could issue within a given period.

With regards to the manufacture and distribution of CBD products, any pharmaceutical processor interested in this area had to obtain a license. This way, it would be easy for patients to access CBD oils directly from the manufacturers.

So even though CBD is legal in Virginia, it’s not exactly free reign. You need to have a certification from an approved practitioner, be a resident in Virginia and even then the CBD oil you use needs to be made in-state at an approved pharmaceutical facility. Still, this is far much better than the legal protection outlined in the initial bill.


Best Places to Buy CBD Oil in Virginia

Even though the law is a bit restrictive, Virginia is one of the areas experiencing a burgeoning CBD market. Also, the CBD shops here still lag behind major industries like California and Florida. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get high-quality CBD products in Virginia. We have profiled a list of the best CBD shops in this state.

Where to buy CBD in Richmond

If you’re living in Richmond, Vapors Lounge is the one-stop shop for all your CBD needs. Founded in 2009, this establishment is located on 7822 Midlothian Turnpike, North Chesterfield. Apart from CBD hemp oil, this shop sells e-juices, e-liquids among others. Also, the CBD hemp oil is provided in a wide selection of dosages ranging from 25 mg to 150 mg strengths, to meet the needs of novices and expert CBD enthusiasts as well.

Since CBD is fairly new in Richmond and Virginia on the whole, the attendants at this shop are knowledgeable enough to answer any questions customers have. They are also very friendly.


Where to buy CBD in Tysons

For those living in Tysons, Dynamic Integrations Wellness & Massage is the best place to purchase CBD products. Located in 8027 Leesburg Pike, this shop mainly serves Northern Virginia residents. Its well-stocked shelves feature a wide range of CBD products at affordable prices.


Virginia Medical Cannabis FAQs

Is medical marijuana legal in Virginia?

Just recently, both the Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate of Virginia unanimously agreed to enact HB1251 and SB726. The two bills are geared towards expanding Virginia’s medical cannabis oil program. This way, the program does not only cover intractable epilepsy but other medical conditions as well. This law provides users with an affirmative defense for possession. However, the two bills have not taken effect yet.

What does affirmative defense mean?

It simply means that this law is above any legal consequences arising from a defendant’s unlawful behavior. Although it won’t be entirely legal to possess cannabis oils, a patient or caregiver has a right to present their signed certificate when stopped by law enforcement officers.

How can a patient get medical cannabis oil?

As stated earlier, a regulatory program for in-state production of cannabis oil was introduced in early 2017. According to this law, there can be up to five providers, one for every Health Service Area, who will be tasked with growing, extracting, dispensing and delivering medical cannabis oil. These providers are referred to as “pharmaceutical processors” and they’re merely vertically-integrated dispensaries.


The Bottom Line

Thanks to a bill passed by the House of Delegates, patients will now be allowed to use oils extracted from marijuana to treat a variety of conditions. Although these laws are yet to be implemented, they have expanded the application of CBD oil in this state. If you’re in Virginia and are in need of CBD oil, you can head to Vapors Lounge in Richmond or the Dynamic Integrations Wellness & Massage in Tysons.