CBD Oil In Wisconsin – Laws And Best Stores

Recently, there was a big jump in the number of people looking for CBD oils in Wisconsin. According to wellness store owners, the buyers are using CBD oil for PTSD, seizures, pain and anxiety.

Many patients in Wisconsin and in the rest of the country are turning to CBD oil for help. However, most are not sure about the legality of CBD oils. Others are not sure about whether CBD can really provide relief to their conditions.

Though you should not take this as a doctor’s advice, CBD has been proven by science to reduce muscle tremors, decrease anxiety, decrease stress, stop cancer from spreading, reduce pain, and reduce the frequency of seizures among patients with epilepsy.

You can read more about these and other proven health benefits on DrugBank.ca – a Canadian government-funded drug database.

But still, despite the proven benefits, some people are giving CBD oils a wide berth because they think they are illegal. But nothing could be further from the truth. Read on to find out why.



So instead of visiting blogs written in marketing-speak or by clueless writers just ready to regurgitate the phrase “hemp oil is 100% legal in 50 states” in their own words, we decided to go to the source. The real source; the state government of Wisconsin.

From this government website, run by Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, CBD oil is only legal as part of the state’s medical marijuana program.

The website clearly states in that CBD oil and related products are illegal to possess and sell in the state. This is regardless of whether or not they have THC.

However, upon being certified to qualify for marijuana treatment, patients can access CBD oil. Certification is given by doctors and is only possible for a short list of government-approved conditions.

Still, even though the website is clear on what is illegal, it states that there is a possibility hemp-derived CBD from the states could be illegal. The key word here is could, which implies the fate of this type of CBD oil is not yet decided.

However, the restrictions seem not to have deterred dozens of shops in the state that still carry CBD oils. Most store owners rely on the protection of the farm bill 2014.


Officially known as the Agricultural Act of 2014, the farm bill is a federal law that allows states to research the cultivation, uses and marketing of industrial hemp. It also allows for the importation of industrial hemp.

Thus, businesses, under license from the state, can cultivate, process and sell hemp-derived CBD oils with no restrictions. Some may argue that this is a grey area, but it is the same defense that has been used to drop criminal charges against individuals and business owners in other parts of the country.

As long as the oil is from hemp you are safe. Also, if you suffer from epilepsy or any of the other approved conditions, you can legally buy cannabis CBD in Wisconsin. You just need a prescription from a doctor.

Remember, the information we have given here should not be taken as legal advice. We are just stating what is available in the public domain.


In most of Wisconsin, people are really into CBD. As mentioned before, the sales are really high in most wellness stores. The number of inquiries about CBD is also going up in many wellness centers. From this, we can safely gather that there is little or no shame associated with buying or possessing the product.

More specifically, the decision to legalize cannabis CBD oil in 2014 was a step in the right direction. It is expected that more such steps will be taken including the legalization of full-strength marijuana for medical and perhaps recreational use.

To show how fast things are changing for the better in Wisconsin, a recent poll suggested that the overwhelming majority of the residents support legalization of marijuana. (Despite the state’s conservative nature)

What’s more, several jurisdictions in the state have already voted to legalize recreational marijuana. The Menominee Indian Reservation and the Dane County are notable examples. The city of Fond Du Lac has also decriminalized the use of full-strength marijuana in the state for medical reasons.

The situation appears to be fluid with all indications pointing to a less negativity and restrictions towards marijuana and CBD products.



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