How Canadians Use CBD Oils To Improve Their Health and Well-Being

If you are from Canada and new to CBD oils, then you are in the right corner of the web. This is the post you need to read before you start taking this hemp extract to address whatever health or lifestyle problem you want to address. This is because this post is packed with the right information and tips for the safe and effective use of CBD.

But before we begin here is an important disclaimer: the information presented in this post is meant for general education purposes only and is not medical advice. For medical advice consult your doctor.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s begin – many Canucks will learn a whole lot from this article.


Understanding CBD

CBD is short for cannabis oil. It is also known as cannabidiol oil in some quarters. Although this natural remedy is primarily sold as oil in Canada, the actual active ingredient in it is not exactly the oil. It is normally a white powdery isolate that is mixed in different types of healthy oils such as pure virgin coconut oil, MCT oil, or hemp oil (which is the best).

The powdery isolate is cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids found in the industrial hemp plant and the marijuana plant. It is this stuff that does all the magic that we associate with CBD oils. It is what interacts with your body systems and brings about all sorts of relief when you consume CBD.
The health oils mentioned above just play a supporting role. They are healthy oils on their own account and often have their own ingredients that provide additional health benefits. Nevertheless, the thing that brings about pain relief, stress relief, and acne relief is the cannabidiol.

When CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, it can be put in different oils as explained above. It can also be packaged in other consumable forms. Read on to find out in which other forms it is now packaged and what are the benefits of taking it in any of those other forms.

CBD forms and how to use it

CBD is available in the following forms. Each of these forms has its own advantages:

  • Tincture
  • Capsule
  • Gummy
  • Spray
  • Vape juice
  • Topical cream or salve
  • Suppository

CBD tincture is the most common form of CBD on the Canadian market. The tincture is an oral formulation that is meant to be taken under the tongue. Usually, two or three drops under the tongue are enough to start experiencing the full effects of CBD. This form of the hemp extract can also be taken in food. Users who do not like the taste or feeling as if they are taking it as medicine can squeeze one or two drops into their favorite juice or smoothie.
cannabis cbd leaf
Usually, CBD tinctures are sold in dropper bottles with calibrated droppers to make it easier for customers to measure and take the right quantity. Tinctures are also often the most highly concentrated of all forms of CBD.

However, the need to measure everything and the bitter taste of some oral formulations have led users to seek other alternative forms of this oil such as capsules.

Most Popular CBD Forms In Canada

CBD capsules are a very convenient way of taking the powerful natural compound compared to the tincture. This is because capsules are easier to take. Most CBD capsules are usually tasteless soft gel capsules. Canadian users simply have to throw them in with a bit of water and they are done. There is no measuring or need to deal with an aftertaste through excessive brushing or anything like that. Nevertheless, although more convenient than the tinctures, capsules are no fun way of taking cannabidiol and still have that hospital vibe written all over them.

Many discounts are available online if you are looking to purchase this natural herbal extract that way.

Montreal-based shoppers may want to pick up their homeopathic CBD remedies from a store in person or online – it is up to them.

If you are from Toronto or Vancouver, however, be sure to go online to see what is available before you actually whip out your credit card to make a purchase.

When it comes to the new CBD site, most Canadians have already used it or at least heard of it (they have the best cannabis oil reviews, products, and information on the net).

We strongly urge you to read their articles if you are a newbie to this – yes tinctures are great and everything but some of the oral/swallowable forms of cannabidiol can be great and convenient as well.

The most fun CBD form is the gummy form. Most cannabidiol oil manufacturers infuse pure CBD into gummy bears and sell several of them in packs. Gummies are fun because they are the tastiest form of CBD. You can take throw one in your mouth anywhere, anytime and enjoy chewing it without even remembering that you are actually taking medicine.

In Canada, there are many people who just want to use this substance and get on with their lives.

Those who love smoking may disagree with the statement we have made above that Canadian CBD gummies are the most form of taking CBD. This is because of the existence of cannabidiol in the form of vape juice. Vape juice is usually heated using a special vaporizer and inhaled. When the compound is ingested this way, its effects are usually more direct.

Localized pain and inflammation are better addressed using CBD creams and salves. This is because applying cannabidiol directly on the skin provides better and faster relief for such kind of problems. These topical formulations usually have the feel and consistency of lotions.

CBD sprays are the least common form of oil available on the market. They often have a lower concentration than tinctures. Nevertheless, they are easy to take since all the user needs to do is to spray once or twice in the mouth.

So depending on what you prefer, you can buy it in one of many different and convenient forms.
cannabidiol tincture

What CBD dose is right for your health problem

How much CBD you should take depends on your bodyweight. The bigger you are the more you will need. With that said, it should be remembered that CBD is not really a medicine so studies have not been done to ascertain what concentrations are best for what type of health problem. However, even with that said, manufacturers usually right the recommended doses on the bottles or in their websites to help customers to take the right quantity of CBD.

In cases where the manufacturer does not suggest any dosage, you should start with the lowest dosage possible to see its effects and then gradually increase the dosage over a number of days to increase the effects if necessary. But do not exceed 45 mg of CBD a day to stay on the safer side.


Cannabidiol is the active ingredient in CBD oil. It exists in crystalline form when extracted and it can be made into several different forms for more convenience. The oil form is the most common form although tinctures and capsules are also fairly popular. Taking the products infused in gummies is the most fun way to take it because of the ease of taking it and the taste.

Toronto residents and people from Calgary will love the Canadian flavor a lot of these products have.