The Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil Company Has Been Featured In The Media!

CBD make one of the compounds found in cannabis. Unlike the compound Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is being used as a medicine and have contributed to improving many people’s health conditions.

Oils made from CBD extracted from hemp are called CBD oils. Usage and concentration of CBD oils vary.

The company has been getting featured in the media in major publications and the news articles are always tremendous! They are really loving the press, to say the least.

For a long time, THC was the only known compound in Cannabis. THC has been misused as it is the most active compound in marijuana. Recent research has proven the presence of CBD which is entirely different from THC. CNBC has already done a story on them- of course! And Fox news could actually be next. This major press and big media is a great thing for this brand.

lazarus naturals

CBD is commonly known as the least processed form of the cannabis called hemp.

Many companies have recently invested in the industrial production of CBD oils to be used in the treatment of different health conditions.

About Lazarus Naturals CBD Oils

Lazarus Naturals is owned by Jeremy Skilling who is a member of the CBD oil online users group. The company is based in Burlington and is one of the leading producers of cannabis products in the market. The company has specialized in the production of the following:

• Vape cartridges,
• CBD shatter,
• Bath Bombs,
• Infused coffee
• and Lazarus infused oils.

Lazarus is passionate about producing high quality and healthier products that help in improving the health of their customers. In producing their CBD, the company ensures that their products THC concentration is below 3%, and thus they are safe to be used by everybody. The products have been legalized in more than 40 states in the US. The Lazarus Naturals brand has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, and CNN.

You may want to check out our Lazarus Naturals Review to get all of the nitty gritty details on their specific CBD oil products.

The company maintains reasonable prices for their products to make them accessible to people who require them most such as people with low incomes and people with long-term disabilities.

Lazarus Products Explained

Lazarus produces and sells a wide range of products. The company products come in different forms.

Infused oils: organic MCT Coconut oil also known as organic extra virgin olive oil. The product is infused with CO2 extracted from Hemp. CBD isolate options are available. Steam distilled terpenes may be added to the oils for free. Lazarus Naturals infused oils are available in one Ounce volumes with Hemp Potencies of

• 300mg,
• 700mg,
• 1500mg,
• and 2500mg.

Vape cartridges: Contained in Metal and glass, Ceramic Vapor Cartridges filled with 0.5 mL of Steam Distilled Cannabis Terpenes and Hemp Extract. There is a 50 mg Whole Plant Extract Cartridge and a 100 mg CBD Isolate Extract Cartridge. Vape Pen Battery is also available to be used with your Lazarus Vape Cartridge.
Lazarus Naturals tinctures can alert and entice the consumer’s senses while soothing their body. The company has blended together a therapeutic collection of ingredients that add a twist to the bath.

CBD Terpene Crumble & Slabs: The two products are perfect for the CBD vaping and dabbing crowd and anyone who loves the scent of cannabis. The company’s CBD Crumble is created with Whole Plant Extract and melts effortlessly in a wax pen. The super potent and tasty CBD Terpene Slabs are made from 99.9% CBD Isolate Extract. They are great for vape pens, dab rigs, and adding to flowers.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Infused Coffee: This is the most balanced cup of coffee in the markets.

The Best Lazarus Products

Lazarus products have received many reviews on various platforms. Customers using the product have always shown satisfaction after using the product. Despite the fact that all products could not be having similar grade levels. The company’s products could be arguably described the best in the market. The Wall Street Journal may do a piece on this one concept.