Ananda Hemp CBD Oil Review

Company Overview

Ecofibre Ltd. is an Australian genetic development company. They own the largest private cannabis seed bank. Kentucky based Ananda Hemp is one of their companies.

Ananda Hemp makes CBD hemp oil, softgels, and salve. Their hemp is grown in Kentucky with genetics Ecofibre transfers to their contracted farmers via the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

Ananda Hemp extracts are subject to rigorous in-house and third-party testing. They routinely check all extracts and final products for potency, contaminants, consistency, and quality.



Spectrum 200 (200mg of active cannabinoids) and Spectrum 600 (600mg of active cannabinoids). Comes in a 10ml bottle. Made of raw hemp flower extract, organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, and botanical terpene.


Softgels are available in 30-count (450mg of active cannabinoids per bottle) and 60-count (600mg of active cannabinoids). Made of raw hemp flower extract, organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, and gelatin.


Spectrum Salve 125 contains 125mg cannabinoids per 250g tin. Made from hemp flower extract and a special blend of organic and natural ingredients like organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, lavender, ginger, and cocoa butter among others.

Customer Service

  • Telephone number – 833-791-2511
  • Service hours – Monday – Friday 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM PST
  • Email – [email protected]

Customer Reviews

“I was able to get some samples for my daughter to try and was amazed to see my daughter able to be a kid without her body hurting so bad. The pain she goes through everyday rips my heart out. It was great to find an alternative that is working for her and not have to put her on prescription medication.” – J. Kelley

“The absolute best Hemp products I have ever used grown right in Central KY. I’m so thankful to have access to such high quality therapeutic, cannabinoids.” – K. Crabtree

“Wonderful customer service! It’s the best! Home grown in Kentucky.” – S. Lee

“Awesome product high CBD …affordable…and tasty too!” – S. Rose

“Quality you can count on using technologies others only dream about. The elite in cbd oil for your health and wellness.” – D. Sandlin



  • US grown
  • All natural farming practices
  • Each product has a Certificate of Analysis
  • Wholesale pricing available
  • Professional product line created exclusively for independent pharmacies.
  • CBD Oils contain less than 0.3% of THC


Ecofibre’s years of cannabis research and acquired knowledge have enabled Ananda Hemp to produce premium CBD products. Customer reviews show that the customer service experience is also impressive. Inquiries are responded to in a timely manner and shipping is prompt.
Changing hemp legislation is at the top of Ananda Hemp’s to do list. Their head of Global Farming and Production, Brian Furnish was instrumental in getting the 2014 Farm Bill passed. It allowed for hemp to be grown and he was the first licensed hemp farmer. The company is also the first to import hemp seeds legally into the U.S. following the passing of that bill. Getting hemp removed from the DEA’s controlled substance list is their next target.