Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Review

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Review

Company Overview

Founded in 2012 as Gaia Botanicals LLC, Bluebird Botanicals is a privately owned hemp extract manufacturer and distributor. They are located in Louisville, Colorado. Brandon J. Beatty, a passionate hemp/cannabis advocate, is the company’s founder.

They offer hemp products in a variety of options including extracts, concentrated extracts, isolates, vapes, capsules, pet products, and hemp apparel. Products are available to be shipped nationwide* and to some international countries.**

In 2016 they were awarded the #1 Hemp CBD Company of the year award. 

Company Mission

“Make a positive impact on humanity and the world, one day at a time.”

Professional Memberships and Partnerships

  • Board of Directors – U.S. Hemp Roundtable
  • Member – Colorado Hemp Roundtable
  • Member – Industrial Hemp Research Foundation (Co-founded by Brandon J. Beatty)
  • Member – ASTM International D37 Committee
  • Advisory Board member – Aims Community College Hemp and the Realm of Caring Program
  • Member – Hemp Industries Association (HIA)


Bluebird Botanicals offers 7 types of hemp products.

Hemp Extracts

250+ mg cannabinoids per fluid ounce available in three options.

  • Classic – Hemp extract & organic hemp seed oil.
  • Complete – Raw and heated cannabinoids plus hemp terpenes.
  • Signature – Classic blend plus frankincense & black seed oil.

Hemp extracts can be purchased in 1/3oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, or 8oz. In addition, a sample pack is available of all three extracts in 10ml bottles.

Concentrated Hemp Extracts

1500+ mg cannabinoids per fluid ounce available in three options.

  • Classic 6X – Hemp extract & organic hemp seed oil.
  • Complete 6X – Raw and heated cannabinoids plus hemp terpenes.
  • Signature 6X – Classic blend plus frankincense & black seed oil.

Concentrated extracts can be purchased in 1/3oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, or 8oz. In addition, a sample pack is available of all three concentrated extracts in 10ml bottles.

CBD Isolates

96%-99.9% pure isolated cannabidiol (CBD) available for individual or wholesale use.

CBD Vapes

CBD Vape Oil – Cannabidiol Vaporizer Juice

333+mg cannabidiol (CBD) in a 0.33oz bottle or 1000mg in a 1oz bottle.

Hemp Capsules

Hemp Extract Capsules – 30 or 60 count capsules containing hemp extract & organic hemp seed oil. Each capsule contains 15+ mg cannabinoids.

Hemp Pet Products

For uses on dogs, cats, and some other pets.

  • Companion Oil – 250+mg cannabinoids per fluid ounce of hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil. Purchase in 1/3oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, or 8oz bottles
  • Companion Capsules – 15+mg cannabinoids per capsule hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil. Available in 30-count or 60-count.

 Hemp Apparel 

Bluebird Botanicals logo hemp t-shirt –  60% hemp, 40% organic cotton. Available in small, medium, large, X-large, 2X-large.

Promotional Offers

  • 20% off your first retail offer.
  • Free shipping on domestic offers over $49.

Customer Service

  • Customer Service hours –  Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm MT
  • Contact number – (720) 726-5132
  • Email – [email protected]

Customer Reviews

“I love the Bluebird Signature …. I feel energized & the taste isn’t bad at all.” – D. Houser 27/3/2018

“This is an amazing product that works wonders and reduces symptoms of my condition; hence I can use much less rx medication!!” – Juliana 8/2/2018

“I have been using the 6x classic for a year, I suffer from anxiety and also pain in my legs from arthritis. This product is amazing!! It helps immensely with my anxiety, helps me get a good nights sleep as well. It eases my leg pain, I am so thankful I found this oil, it is and always will be in my medicine cabinet. I have read of people not liking the taste, I purchase empty gelatin capsules, and put my doses it them, that way I just swallow the pill, and no yucky taste!” – Karen 6/1/2018

“This product helped me feel good and doesn’t have a bad after taste like the other alternatives on the market. Great deal too!” – Jeremy 7/12/2017

“I recently tried the Hemp Complete and the results have been truly amazing!!!! It has improved my quality of life so much that It’s hard for me to believe I’m not dreaming, but I’m NOT. Thank you Bluebird.” – Daniel 11/8/2017



  • Offers a variety of products to choose from.
  • Online third-party Certificate of Analysis for every product.
  • Offers buyer assistance programs for low income, veterans, and long-term disability.
  • Accepts over 60 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), NEO (NEO), Siacoin (SIA), Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Affiliated or partnered with key Hemp organizations and programs.
  • Products are available for individual or wholesale purchase.
  • Offers samples for their popular products.


  • Use ethanol/alcohol to extract hemp. This method also extracts chlorophyll that gives the final products an unpleasant taste.
  • Restrictive return/exchange policy – limited to only purchases up to $110 and only one return or exchange per customer.


In Chinese mythology, the bluebird is a symbol of happiness. The name is fitting for this organization as happiness is a common state for their customers.

They are an industry leader. Currently 3rd in the CBD market. They are known for high-quality products, impressive customer service, and a high level of transparency. In addition, they are actively involved in lobbying progressive hemp related legislation.

By offering sample packs of their most popular products, customers are able to try various products until they find the one that suits their needs the best which is definitely a plus.

* Certain restrictions apply.

** Currently not accepting new clients.