Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Review

Company Overview

Hemp Bomb is based in Tampa, Florida. The company was founded in January 2016. They make premium CBD products including CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD Oils, CBD Syrup, CBD E-Liquids, and CBD Pain Rub.

Hemp Bombs used organic, non-GMO certified European hemp. Their products are then made in-house following strict quality protocols. All products are third-party tested and contain no THC.



Certified pure CBD oil in peppermint and watermelon flavors. Comes in a 30ml bottle. Choose from 5 different CBD strengths – 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 4000mg.


CBD blend gummies available in 5-count, 15-count, 30-count, 60-count, and 60-count high potency bottles. Each gummy contains 15mg CBD and 25mg CBD in the high potency blend.


CBD blend capsules available in 5-count, 15-count, 30-count, 60-count, and 60-count high potency bottles. Each gummy contains 15mg CBD and 25mg CBD in the high potency blend.

Pain Rub

CBD topical ointment. Blended with Menthol and Organic Camphor. Comes in 1oz (50 mg CBD) or 4oz tub (200mg CBD).

Vape and Vape Products

Vape Tanks – Durable glass cartridge pre-loaded with flavored CBD enriched e-liquid. Comes in 125mg CBD, 300mg CBD, and 1000mg CBD concentrations.

Unflavored E-liquid Additives – 15mg CBD or 250mg CBD in 16.5ml bottle. 300mg CBD, 1000mg CBD, or 2000mg CBD in 60ml bottle. 4000mg CBD in 120ml bottle.

Flavored E-liquid – 125mg CBD, 300mg CBD or 100mg CBD vape tank cartridge. Available in multiple flavors like Arctic Spearmint Blast, Sweet Mango Seduction, and Sugar Cookie Kryptonite among others.


CBD relaxation syrup made from Hemp CBD derivatives. Comes in a 1oz bottle. Choose from 100mg CBD, 300mg CBD, or 100mg CBD strength.

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Customer Service

Customer Reviews

“Really happy with this. Website is easy to use, I had no issues placing my order. Top service and top quality products. Thank you.” – Merisol H. 4/11/2018

“I love all the flavors, there’s something for everyone.” – Shirley T. 4/10/208

“Super fast shipping and high quality.” Barry K. 4/16/018

“Just ordered another bottle of your cbd oil. Helps me sleep so good.” – Hilary W. 3/26/2018

“I agree with all the awesome reviews +++++. It works great for my pain areas and it works wonders in less than hour. I love the way it relaxes me and stabilizes my mood too.” – Devon S. 3/7/2018

“Received my 2nd order of this oil today and I’m very pleased. I have recommended to many others. Flavor really agrees with me. Very mild.” – Jenny P. 3/7/2018

“Order this for my mom because she just had back surgery and she’s still in pain. Medication is damaging to the body so I was looking for something else to help her with pain. After reading reviews for this oil, I decided to take the plunge and buy it for her. I had her try it first and within 2 weeks she’s back to her normal self again! She looks to cook so she’s back at that and playing tennis with her friends. She no longer takes her meds and uses 1-2 drops a night. I’m so happy! Thank you for this amazing product and saving my mom! “– Mary Ann J. 3/1/2018



  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Products are third-party tested
  • Affiliate program
  • High-quality hemp source
  • Highly rated positive customer service experience


Hemp Bombs has a solid reputation in the CBD industry. They’ve been awarded the “Break Out Brand Of The Year” distinction for the positive impact they’ve made.

Customers have given them high marks for their customer service and the quality of their products. The rare negative reviews we came across had to do with personal preference on things like taste.