Pure Ratios CBD Topical Patch Review

Company Overview

Founded in 2014 by William (Billy) Conner, Pure Ratios is located in San Diego, CA. The company bio describes Conner as a serial entrepreneur. Plant-based remedies and their positive impact on health fascinates him hence the creation of the company.

Natural, herbal, and pharmaceutical experts work at Pure Ratios. They produce patches, topicals, vapes, and lozenges. A proprietary C02 extraction method is used to extract their hemp. Essential oils and herbs are also added to the hemp extract for maximum therapeutic relief.

Their CBD Hemp Oil Topical patch is their most popular products. In 2016 it was awarded 1st place for Best Transdermal Patch at the Best of Edibles List Awards.

CBD Hemp Oil Topical Patch

The CBD Topical Patch is round in shape, tan in color, and 2 inches in diameter. The patch goes directly on the skin. This enables the cannabinoid to bypass the digestive process. Thereby entering the bloodstream at maximum potency.

The patch delivers 40mg of CBD per patch over a period of 2 – 4 days. It is hypoallergenic and water-resistant. It contains no chemical additives or THC.

Pure Ratios sells one patch for approximately $20 or a pack of five for approximately $75. Third-party lab results are available on the company’s website for this patch.


Hemp extract, natural terpenes (myristate, palmatitate, limonene), organic extra virgin coconut oil, soy lecithin, aloe vera polysaccarides, linolic and oleic acid, organic virgin sweet almond oil, organic virgin red palm oil, shea butter, sunflower oil extract, organic avocado oil, persea gratissima oil, eucalyptus oil, sage and citrus essential oils, and  noncrystalline carbon particles.

How to Use the CBD Topical Patch

The CBD Topical Patch works best on areas of the body with minimal hair. The area of application should also be clean and dry. The patch comes with an alcohol wipe to facilitate this.

To apply the patch, clean the area of skin with the alcohol wipe. Then remove the printed liner from the patch and press it firmly onto the skin.

The patch is water resistant, but avoid saltwater and chlorine when wearing it. Wear the patch continuously but not for more than 96 hours. Also, avoid placing the patch on a joint.

Avoid using the patch if you are pregnant or lactating. If you’re taking medication, consult with your doctor prior to using the patch. Also keep away from children and pets.

Customer Reviews

“I’m waiting for a hip replacement and didn’t want to keep taking the pain killers they gave me within an hour of using the patch the pain was not there deep in the hip and it remains normal and it’s been 5 days yes a bit expensive but zero damage on my liver and the price covers co2 extraction. These are great and will buy again soon.” – Tim M. 4/1018

So happy I’ve found something that actually works for me ive.got nerve pain in my leg but now i dont need as many pain killers thanks to these patches brilliant just wish they were a bit cheaper to buy.– Anonymous 2/28/18

“My wife has rheumatoid arthritis. The patch is not a cure nor do they claim it is but she believes it has reduced the pain and seems to have given her more energy. She tends to wear longer than suggested and by the 6th day there is no doubt that it had been helping.” – William H. 3/15/18

“This worked better than I expected. It lasted the entire 96 hours– then I had to take if off for a swim class. I will be purchasing this item again.” – Cathy P 3/01/17

“These are a great patch. Helps numb the pain and lasts for four days. Will buy again. I have had surgeries and this is a great alternative to opiates.”  – David

“Freedom from pain. Like long lasting experience.” – Cecelia W. 1/18/18