The Potential Side Effects Of CBD

The growing interest in Cannabidiol (CBD) can be attributed to its numerous health benefits. It has been shown to improve various medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, nausea, epilepsy, diabetes, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, and chronic pain among many others. Adding to this excitement is the fact that ongoing studies show it to be safe, non-toxic and non-psychoactive.

Reported Side Effects Of Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Use

With most users, CBD is well tolerated and produces no side effects when used over extended periods of time or at high dosages. There have been, however, a few reported side effects that shall be reviewed below.

Dry Mouth

This condition is the result of insufficient saliva production. Saliva helps us swallow and digest food, breath, speak and it also prevents bacterial growth. The scientific name for the condition is xerostomia. It is more commonly referred to as “cotton mouth.”

Using CBD may cause you to experience dry mouth because the cannabinoids it contains, cause the cannabinoid receptors found in the submandibular glands that are part of the bodies own endocannabinoid system to temporarily stop creating saliva.

While dry mouth is unpleasant, it does not pose any real threat to your health. To counter the effects of dry mouth, pop some sugar-free gum or drink plain water. You can also suck on a piece of a citrus fruit like lemon or orange. Avoid alcohol, tea, and caffeine as they are diuretics and will aggravate the situation.


Studies on animals and humans show that CBD oil used in small doses makes people feel stimulated and alert. When it is used in high doses, drowsiness is more prevalent. 

Should you experience drowsiness after taking CBD, have an experienced medical professional review the doses you are taking as your sensitivity to CBD may be heightened and you may need a lower dose. If the dose is adequate, try taking CBD when you are going to bed rather than at the beginning of the day. Also, avoid operating heavy machinery or driving a vehicle until the feeling passes.

You may also experience this side effect if you are taking a sleeping aid alongside CBD. This is not necessary, as CBD has been shown to provide relief from insomnia.

Low blood pressure 

Blood pressure has been shown to decrease slightly immediately after taking a high dose of CBD oil. When your blood pressure drops, you may feel lightheaded and dizzy. This effect has been shown to be temporary and you can counter the effects by lying down for a few minutes. 
However, if you are on any blood pressure medication you should check with your doctor before you start using CBD. This is because CBD contains compounds that enable it to act as a vasodilator. Vasolidators “are medications that open (dilate) blood vessels” according to the Mayo Clinic. 


In general, nausea and vomiting are triggered when the body detects the presence of a toxin in the blood. Since the properties in CBD oil have been found to aid in soothing nausea and vomiting, this side effect shows up more often only in two instances. The first if is you are using low-quality products. The second is if your stomach is highly sensitive as the result of a prior condition. 
To avoid experiencing this side effect, always buy top quality CBD products from reputable sources. If a prior condition has affected your stomach look into taking a lower dose of CBD. 

Inhibits Drug Metabolism

Studies show that CBD is a potent inhibitor. This means it can interfere with the ability of some liver enzymes (cytochrome P450) to metabolize certain pharmaceuticals subsequently altering their performance. 
Before your cross CBD off your list though, it should be noted that this side effect is similar to that which would be caused by eating grapefruit while taking prescription medications. If you are already on a drug regimen and wish to start using CBD, make sure to let your doctor know so that you can reduce the chance of this happening.

Increased Tremors in Parkinson’s Disease

Studies show that CBD has neuroprotectant, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can ease symptoms brought on by Parkinson’s disease (PD). However, when taken in high doses CBD may cause PD suffers to experience increased tremors.
To avoid this, researchers note that both dosing and the form in which CBD is ingested should be taken into consideration to find the right combination for the user.

exercises to reduce cbd side effects

Exercising will always speed up your metabolism and allow your body to process CBD faster, thereby reducing side effects and making you healthier in general.


How To Reduce Potential Negative Side Effects and Increase Optimal Results

Use the right dosage

CBD has biphasic properties. This means that the results vary based on how much of it is in your system. In order to receive the desired outcome, it is therefore crucial that you ensure that you are taking the right dosage. As CBD can be bought over the counter, it comes with standard dosage guidelines that may or may not address your condition. 

Adopt a supportive lifestyle

No drug or supplement can work successfully if you are taking it for a condition that your lifestyle encourages to flourish. For instance, CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits but if your diet consists of high fat, processed, and gluten rich foods then you will not find the relief you seek as that diet promotes inflammation in the body. 

Buy only quality CBD products

The quality of your CBD product will impact the results you get. The CBD product marketplace is booming after repeated confirmation of its multiple medical benefits. Sadly though this does not mean that only quality products are up for sale. Some dubious products have made their way through from manufacturers interested in profit over quality.

It is therefore extremely important to spend some time researching the manufacturer and the distributor before forking over your hard-earned cash. Only buy from a reputable and verified seller. Check for CBD concentrations levels as the purer the product, the less your chances of experiencing side effects like nausea from consuming harmful chemicals toxins. Remember quality costs and this is definitely not one area you want to skimp on.