Where To Buy CBD Oil In West Virginia (+ Laws)

CBD oil is legal in West Virginia. The mountain state is now allowing its citizens to purchase their own CBD oil and CBD-based products such as various edibles. But hemp is not new to the state. West Virginia is actually one of the states which have been going strong when it comes to hemp crops, especially in industrial hemp. It is why it can be among the most interesting states to follow for its industrial hemp heritage. At the moment, due to the impressive health benefits, it is associated with, hemp is not solely used industrially.

CBD oil in West Virginia

CBD oil is legal in West Virginia under the famous 2014 Farm Bill signed by President Barack Obama. It became legal to grow hemp across the US and this applied to the mountain state of West Virginia as well. For this reason, products which are free from THC or the high-giving compounds are legal to purchase across the state, in various specialized stores.

However, hemp was known in West Virginia earlier than in 2014. Since the state had a history of growing industrial hemp, it was also the first state to allow the cultivation of industrial hemp. The pioneer state made the distinction between industrial hemp and hemp which has less than 1% THC.  This distinction was made in 2002 with the Bill 447 passed at the state level. This bill allowed citizens of the state to possess, harvest, process and sell industrial hemp. Of course, this was not done under general guidelines, but rather under specific licensing laws. Still, it marked West Virginia as the first state to legalize industrial hemp.

More recently, the state also led a local cooperative among hemp farmers. In 2017, West Virginia invited farmers from various neighboring states to learn more about the cultivation of hemp. This allowed the farmers in the area to learn more about hemp agriculture and hemp licensing, which can be quite intimidating for beginners. The West Virginia Farmers’ Cooperative was responsible for the event and it led the pioneering get-together of the farmers in the hemp industry.

If the cultivation of hemp has been strong in the state, the science behind its benefits is not falling behind either. If in many states research is lacking, West Virginia University is looking at the best ways to offer pure hemp. This may even come with plant selection but it also comes from the soil and the area of the crops. For this purpose, research is underway to find the best ways of removing soil contaminants, similarly to any other type of agricultural practices for other plants.

Of course, the study looked at different parameters and it confirmed the versatility of hemp, from industrial to medical fields. But interestingly, the study also showed that hemp can come with various soil benefits as well. It can actually improve the soil. Of course, further research is needed to see the particularities of this claim, but it is always a good starting point. From an economics’ perspective, it is clear that hemp can boost West Virginia’s economy, which desperately needs to catch up with some of the more populous states.

Of course, hemp research is also going to improve the way state residents consume their own CBD oil and CBD-based products. Pure hemp is much easier to absorb. Without any traces of dangerous compounds, pure hemp is the only solid based for pure CBD oil products. Since people can purchase CBD oil which was made with local hemp in the state, the products can be traced back to their roots which can only help the transparency in the CBD oil industry.

Furthermore, pure hemp also comes with all the essential cannabinoids which offer the medical benefits consumers of CBD oil are looking for. Being low in THC and having the distinction made at state level earlier than with the famous Farm Bill, can only enhance the transparency and the process of agriculture performance in the field of hemp in West Virginia.

Where to buy CBD oil in West Virginia

There are a few ways to buy CBD oil in West Virginia. The products can be purchased online or from one of the stores below.

Those living in Charlestown can choose the Cap City CBD Plus at 1607  A. Kanawha Boulevard for a large selection of CBD oil and CBD-based products. The store is open for business every day of the week.

The Appalachian Cannabis Company at 130 Goff Mountain Road is another top Charleston destination. With a good selection of products and an included parking lot, the store provides easy access for most customers.

New Found Vapes at 1588 Washington Street is recommended for a good selection of flavors and a friendly customer service.

Final considerations

CBD oil in West Virginia can certainly be among the purest in the country. With a history of industrial hemp crops and undergoing research on hemp and soil quality, the state can offer some of the best products for medical use.

With a small but growing number of shops to purchase CBD oil and CBD-based products, the state is also changing the way people purchase the products themselves. At the same time, it can also be one of the pioneering states when it comes to the information needed for farmers as it has been seen with the cooperative mentioned above where neighboring states joined the conversation on best crop practices.

CBD oil is among the leading solutions when it comes to popular medical issues and chronic pain which are free from medicine and while there still is a long way to go from a scientific perspective, having the ability to purchase low THC products on a local level can only improve the situation in the state. At the same time, legislators have already shown that West Virginia has also recognized the economic potential of hemp and for this reason, the state has already given the freedom to farmers for industrial hemp even before the famous Farm Bill was signed.