Wyoming CBD Overview: Laws + Where To Buy

CBD oil is legal in the state of Wyoming. It represents a range of products which can be used for medical purposes. For many residents, it means they have the ability to deal with various health issues which include more complex issues of the nervous system. The good news is that Wyoming is one of the open states which legalized the product on a local level, following the 2014 Farm Bill.

CBD oil in Wyoming – the story behind the legalization

If at a federal level hemp was legal, Wyoming also adopted its own stance on the issue of hemp growth and consumption. It became the 16th state to legalize CBD hemp oil. For this purpose, a vote was scheduled. In 2015, the voters in favor of hemp legalization won by 53 to five on an important day. The vote then led to the adoption of the House Bill 32 which legalizes CBD hemp oil.

In the present, CBD oil can be purchased, manufactured and imported into the state of Wyoming. It can only be seen as a major advantage for consumers, businesses, and research which can be officially made on hemp benefits.

Of course, it is not legal to possess CBD oil high in THC, which means customers should still be cautious when purchasing such products. On the other hand, each case is dealt with on an individual level if uncovered. A local lawyer has described the process in which a person is judged for high THC CBD oil possession. It depends on the history of the person.

THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. It represents one of the compounds which need to remain in legal concentrations in CBD oils and other products such as CBD edibles, CBD pain cream or CBD tinctures.

A famous case was shown by the media in the summer of 2018 when she was charged for possessing 10ml of CBD oil when driving through Wyoming towards Montana. At the moment, there are no official charges but she could face a fine of up to $10.000 and 5 years in prison. This comes in the conditions in which the product was purchased at a local store. Following the event, even the store carried out a THC test in a third-party lab and it concluded the levels were very low, close to the 0.6% mark.

This event comes somewhat against the current legislation and the recommendations of the 2014 Farm Bill. Local lawyers say that this case, like any other, will go through an individual judgment and it is likely the woman will walk away with no penalties. However, it still raises questions when it comes to the sources of CBD oil and to the medical reasons of the purchases. If the purchases have a medical need to use CBD oil, this should be one of the main reasons for the purchase. But even in these conditions, the dealer needs to be authorized to ensure all the products are actually reliable and their THC levels low.

At the moment, CBD also falls under the Schedule 1 drug of controlled substances. It means the country doesn’t recognize the potential benefits of CBD     for medical purposes. In these conditions, there might still be a bit of confusion in the state. The confusion creates blurry lines between high THC and low THC products which are recommended for medical use. This comes in opposition with the position of the World Health Organization which sees the products as harmless.

CBD oil is legal in Wyoming and it can be purchased in specialized stores or in large stores such as Target. It can also be purchased online although there are a few voices which do not recommend buying the products from these sources which may lack some type of transparency. At the same time, it is important to note that some of the products on the market might not be entirely as pure as claimed on their labels and some caution is still needed regardless on the source of the CBD oil. From the perspective of doctors, the benefits of CBD oil are still debated. So while there are significant benefits to CBD oil consumption without the drawbacks of marijuana consumption, it remains to be seen what research says about these benefits being visible for all consumers.

Where to buy CBD oil in Wyoming

Buying CBD oil in Wyoming is legal. The most reliable sources for the products can be the specialized stores which deal with the manufacturers directly.

Casper residents can shop at Straight Line Vapors at 1214 W. Collins Street. Affordability is often seen as the main advantage of the simple store. The shop has a small range of affordable products.

Roar Vapor on 367 Vann Dr. is the recommended shop in Jackson. The store is recommended for a wide variety of products.

Final considerations

CBD oil is legal to purchase in Wyoming. The state might not be as open as others when it comes to agricultural potential. At the same time, the state might also struggle with areas of research on CBD oil benefits. But from the perspective of the final consumer, things are improving as the products can be purchased across the state. Apart from physical locations, consumers can also order their CBD oils online, from manufacturers or trusted retailers.

It goes without saying that CBD oil is used for different medical conditions. But things are changing fast for CBD and hemp regulation. It is why customers should always be up to date with the latest information on the legality of the products in Wyoming. Things might change even after the 2014 Farm Bill. Currently, only low levels of THC are accepted in CBD oils and this is likely to remain the same. However, manufacturers of CBD oil might also see changes in regulation and for licensing procedures in Wyoming. It is why staying informed is recommended both for businesses and for customers.